WAA CABLES: Revolutionizing Connections, Powering Advancement

Ketan Vora ,Managing Director & CEO

Ketan Vora

Managing Director & CEO

The electrical goods market in India, known as FMEG, exudes energy and rapid growth, positioning itself as a thriving industry worldwide. Fueled by rising disposable incomes, urbanization, and demand for appliances and electronics, it holds a remarkable valuation of $20 billion. A projected CAGR of 10-12 percent over the next five years adds to its promising potential. Within this vibrant landscape, a captivating market gap awaits a distinguished player in the cable and wire sector. Enter WAA Cables, India’s leading manufacturer, heralded as the catalyst for transformation. With an unwavering dedication to excellence and cutting-edge technology, WAA Cables offers exceptional cables and wires that surpass industry standards, embodying reliability, efficiency, and innovation.

WAA Cables, a prestigious enterprise established in 2019, anchors its headquarters in vibrant Gandhinagar, Gujarat. With a remarkable manufacturing process, WAA Cables proudly holds accolades such as the ‘Best Quality Product of the Year - 2022’ by Vyappar Jagat, ‘Cable Product of Excellence 2022-23’ by Industrial Outlook, and ‘10 Most Promising Fast Moving Electrical Goods Brands in India 2023’ by Silicon India. These credentials set us apart in the market, delivering world-class cable solutions with unwavering quality assurance to the renewable energy and EV sectors. “Our unwavering mission orbits around the commitment to stakeholders, while our visionary outlook aspires to provide top-notch cables and wires that exude both superiority and cost-effectiveness, ensuring the utmost satisfaction for their esteemed clientele”, speaks Ketan Vora, Managing Director & CEO.

The firm’s illustrious repertoire encompasses a captivating array of offerings, including Solar Cable, Flat Submersible Cable, House Wire, Earthing Cable, Welding Cable, Rubber Battery Cable, and many more. With the motto of ‘Connecting the Sun to Grid’, WAA cables solar segment delivers solar cables, solar connectors, ACDB & DCDB to all end users. The firm’s slogan, ‘Jawaabdari Hamaari, Aapko Sirf WAACAB Lagaani’ highlights the exclusive unique selling points (USPs) of the firm’s pure electrolyte grade copper.

These USPs include highly conductive copper wires with a higher temperature-bearing capacity compared to other competitors. With an unwavering commitment to quality, WAA Cables holds certifications like ISO, BIS, TUV, IEC, RoHS, CE, and EN50618, assuring customers of high standards. The firm’s LT range offers a wide selection of insulated cables and wires. “We believe in establishing our business models, we are creating high-quality, environment-friendly products and strengthening our partnerships with stakeholders as the best partners that will maximize customer values. We can go beyond simply generating profits to develop forward-thinking competencies”, says Ketan Vora.

WAA Cables Is Poised To Revolutionize The Market & Redefine The Paradigm Of Electrical Goods In India

“We have a highly qualified team of professionals with an experience of more than 20 years and providing customer satisfaction, we are committed towards products quality, reliability, safety, and excellent customer services”, speaks Ketan Vora. Under the visionary guidance of Ketan Vora, the illustrious team at WAA Cables comprises skilled individuals. With Rashmi Vora overseeing operations, Bhavesh Patel ensuring excellence, and Nikhil Maheshwari leading corporate strategy, the team is fortified. Supported by Mayur Joshi in finance and Sandeep More in business development, their combined strengths radiate. Himanshu Arora, Sanjeeb Nayak, Satyam Khamar and Virali Shah contribute specialized proficiencies in sales and planning, forming an indomitable force.

WAA Cables is embarking on a captivating journey, aiming to expand monthly sales and increase market influence. The company strategically focuses on strengthening its business teams and appointing regional managers and executives in all districts. With over 150 national exhibitors and leveraging platforms like LinkedIn, WhatsApp, and Instagram, WAA Cables demonstrates an unwavering determination to enhance visibility and showcase its diverse product range. The firm’s relentless dedication to achieving widespread representation and establishing seamless connectivity with the target audience exemplifies its unwavering commitment to industry success.