Vetro Power: Being your Reliable Ally in the Battle against Grime & Stains

 Varun Mukhi,   Founder

Varun Mukhi


The size of the global fabric protection market is anticipated to reach $1.4 billion by 2025, growing at a CAGR of 4.79 percent over the forecast period, according to a report by Research & Markets. The business is anticipated to be propelled by rising demand for water- and stain-resistant medical apparel, industrial work wear, and upholstery use all over the world. In response to changing consumer needs and demands, Vetro Power offers robust upholstery protection that is safe to use on all absorbent textiles including fabric, cotton, polyester, linen, suede, nubuck, leather, nylon, synthetics, canvas, sheepskin, wool, and silk.

Varun Mukhi established Vetro Power in 2016 to offer protective surface coatings using proprietary nanotechnology formulated in Germany for usage across a wide range of industries. The concept originated with the idea of using non-toxic, nanotechnology-based solutions to substitute the poisonous, carcinogenic, and ineffective fluorocarbon-based chemistry coatings utilized by worldwide market leaders. “From protection to care to preservation, we are committed to developing cutting-edge nano tech and cleantech products that keep you safe and extend the life of your belongings, while keeping aware of the environment and paving the way for a more sustainable future. We are concerned about our customers, their possessions, and the environment”, speaks Varun. Vetro Power employs cutting-edge
Nanotechnology to create an invisible water, liquid, stain, and spill repellant that protects fabric, upholstery, sofas, chairs, cushions, and pillows from daily risks such as water, coffee, tea, wine, and more.

Varun partnered with successful industry veterans and multi-preneurs Binoy Khimji from UBR Capital Group and Vic Shah from Loba Chemie in 2022 to scale up the business. The collaboration aided him in acquiring decades of product knowledge and distribution strength, as well as converting the Vetro Power business into a new entity, resulting in the formation of Zyax Chem, India's first New Age House of Protection & Care; which is expanding into creating various brands for Protection & Care. “We are currently positioned in the ‘Protection’ area of the Household Cleaner market with Vetro Power. In India, we are the pioneers and market leaders in this industry. Instead of concentrating on the so called 'reactive' business, where household cleaners are typically used to remove and clean stains across many surfaces, we are in the ‘proactive' market that prevents them from happening in the first place”, says Varun.

Vetro Power has established a three pronged growth strategy to accelerate its trajectory in the upcoming year

Whether it's protecting surfaces from liquid spills on fabric and marble, anti-microbial solutions in hospitals, or moss prevention on stone and brick, Vetro Power has a solution for every surface concern. Vetro Power's flagship product is the Nano-Tech Fabric Protector, India's first and only Water & Stain Repellent that is PFOA & PFOS free, Green (OEKO-Tex & ZDHC compliant), EcoFriendly & Food Safe Certified, and provides long-term protection against liquids & stains for many months & years. Vetro Power has worked with and supplied over 300 corporations, numerous hotels and restaurants, and over 1,000 architects, interior designers, and contractors across the country. The company has dealers in 15 states who offer direct clients, homeowners, retail stores, architects, interior designers, and manufacturers a variety of fabric protection products and services based on their intended use.

“Our expansion strategy includes adding dealers in each of India's 50 key cities as well as the remaining states, collaborating with businesses to develop specialized nanotechnology protector and cleaning products for the textile, paint, and building industries, and launching new nanotechnology protectors and cleaners to the retail and service market for use on glass, ceramic, metal, plastic, wood, and stone surfaces”, signs off Varun.