Tistabene Enterprises: Offering Cost-effective & High Quality in Vogue Men's Apparel

By Pramod Darda,  FounderCurrently, to say that the world is teeming with apparel would be an understatement. In an era where internet reigns supreme over the lives of most demography, fashion has a new definition to it overhauled by the newfangled textile and apparel industry that functions, both-online and offline. Thereby, with brands prolifically penetrating the space (online/offline), it's competent to say there is something for everyone. Pegged with unstinting challenges, where the industry acclaimed to be worth $88.49 billion in 2022, it's expected to scale further at a CAGR of 4.84 percent by 2026, according to the Consumer Markets reports. Attributing to this exceptionally rising industry is Tistabene Enterprises, a clothing & apparel company ideated by Pramod Darda, Founder, Tistabene Enterprises. Tistabene is an Italian word that means `looks good on you', and the company is markedly exemplifying its name too, offering some of the best men's clothing & apparel to people in India.

Having ventured through women's jewellery in 2007, Tistabene observeda huge vacuumin the men's jewellery section, and gradually moved on to launching men's jewellery. However, it wasn't long after that the company forayed into the men's apparel
market receiving a huge acknowledgment from the male customers. Today, with its remarkable presence in the men's apparel industry, the company specializes in manufacturing and selling of printed shirts, positioning the jewellery section to a different website Well, not limiting up its defined forte with printed shirts only, it also includes oversized t-shirts, tie & dye printed shirts, tie & dye printed t-shirts, joggers, cargo joggers, and more, in its collection, synching with the current bent of youths towards printed shirts. The company today produces 50,000 shirts a month, with its state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, located in Jaipur. There's also a conspicuously devised quality check in place, that determines the quality of its products, both at the time of manufacturing and before shipping of the products to the consumers.

I believe fashion keeps evolving, and so do we. Hence, keeping up to our standards, the products we offer are of significantly good quality

"I believe fashion keeps evolving, and so do we. Hence, keeping up to our standards, the products we offer are of significantly good quality. Our return ratio also depicts the same as we've had it quite minimal and that too mainly covering the exchange issues for fit and other design choices of individuals. Also, it's a hassle-free `no questions asked' return policy of 10 days that has been very conveniently accepted by our customers", avers Siddharth Darda, Proprietor, Tistabene. Siddharth held it really important in his role's purview to lead on the company with his dexterity in business and changing trends across the apparel's industry.

The Future Road Ahead
Having turned into a Pvt. Ltd. company from a LLP company six months back, Tistabene is relishing a good revenue growth of 20-25 percent each month. Also, including the current online business, the brand has already launched two outlets quite recently, owing to its expansion plans of offline business, while 8-10 outlets are yet in the pipeline to be launched within a span of 3-4 months in Delhi, Mumbai, and other places. "We're having a gradual growth pertaining to Tistabene, and we've a lot more to achieve. Our near three years business model entails launch of around 50 outlets Pan India, and we're working on the same", concludes Siddharth.