Technoduce: Where Quality Innovations Sizes the Lime light.

Saranraj,Co-Founder & CEO


Co-Founder & CEO

Given the rapid paradigm shift in the usage of smartphones, it would not be an exaggeration to say that mobile apps are quickly turning into a catalyst in festooning the status quo of people. Fathoming the perks that an app bestows, the industries are now largely investing in going mobile to provide quicker and better solutions to their customers. However, although the development is a talisman for the app developers' fraternity, it becomes a daunting feat for businesses to choose the perfect partner who won't merely toil towards achieving the quantity of projects and the monetary paradise that follows by, but hand-hold them in reaping the best quality innovations. Born with the latter qualities, Technoduce Info Solutions Pvt. Ltd., a leading mobile application development company, has been successful in chiseling its existence as a brand name in the realm within just four years of its existence.

The Bleeding Edge of Innovation

Not only the name Technoduce defines the company as 'Duce of Technology', but so are its quality endeavors that have pushed the brand to attain the acme of success on which it proudly rules over today. "Our services do not stop with completion of the tasks for which we were originally hired. Each project means life to us and the members of Technoduce provide continuous support to clients. Our main principle and tag-line that sets us to march forward successfully is to bring innovations to technology," explains Saranraj, Co-Founder & CEO, Technoduce. With a brand persona of a visionary, the company
contemplates bigger picture and constantly scrutinizes the space for technological developments. Always on the lookout for building stable relationships with its customers, the best minds at Technoduce get under the skin of their potential customers and serve as their pals by developing cutting-edge innovations.

Always on the lookout for building stable relationships with its customers, the best minds at Technoduce get under the skin of their potential customers and serve as their pals by developing cutting-edge innovations.

Firmly adhering to internationally recognized standards of quality, the ISO 9001:2008 entity is widely known for its armada of scintillating and cross-platform apps that are customized as per the needs of end-users. Amongst such innovations, Food purby rules the chart. Equipped with multiple user-friendly features, this trend-setting online food ordering system helps diners to place orders from any restaurant at any time, enables restaurateurs to enjoy business growth and generates income for the admins of the site a win-win-win situation for all the three parties. Currently in the process of launching its yet another break through named Ontabee - a revolutionary restaurant-menu ordering app that enables restaurant diners to place their orders from tablet devices, browse menu, check for varieties, specify ingredients and even make payments from tablets carrying Ontabee app Technoduce aims at augmenting the accuracy of serving orders, thus efficiency.

Ushering Excellence

"Technoduce occupies the section between being successful and being completely established. The
dedication of our members coupled with the trust that clients placed upon us has made us grow beyond expectations, since the date of our launch," says Rajesh Prabhu, Co-Founder & CTO, Technoduce. With 75+ customers across the globe, the company has successfully combated the fierce competition through its future-thinking strategies and has developed 200+ innovative designs and 150+ projects. "We are not resting, as we have crossed the shore, but the journey across the ocean is still left," he adds.

Technoduce credits its triumphal journey to its young-minded & innovative approach, simple & transparent processes, and the attitude of determination coupled with practical thinking abilities. It is also buoyant that these proficiencies have pushed Technoduce to become one of the primary destinations in the region that global clients would come to in quest of B2B solution. However, according to the organization, the same growth often restricts them to spend enough time on each of the developments. To overcome this intricacy, the company has made different teams for each product who love to impart their own brand of experience and passion.

A workplace with a casual ambience and a family-like environment aiming to foster a platform for perfect bonding, a workplace where open communication is institutionalized irrespective of the designations - this is exactly how Saranraj explains the work milieu set at Technoduce. The result? What started with just five employees is today a canopy for more than 55 qualified resources. The organization empowers its crew to actively participate in online forums, discussions and mediums that in turn assist them to remain engaged with the customers. This Coimbatore-headquartered company also has a base in Abuja, Nigeria. It envisions becoming a worldwide established brand that provides solutions to different industry verticals, and to fill flesh to the dream, the technology frontier has set out on a mission to reach out to the global audience in any way possible.