Sunny Home Care: Formulating High-Quality Customer-Friendly Home Cleaning Products

 Bhushan Pandey,   DirectorThe household cleaners market in India was estimated at $7,537 million in 2022, and is projected to grow at a CAGR of 19.5 percent till 2028. This expansive sector has multiple players, rolling out new products every few years to stay ahead of the game. Offering diverse cleaning items in various fragrances and claiming to kill over 99.9 percent germs, the majority of brands fail to live up to their claims. Sunny Home Care, a prominent household cleaners brand established in 1985 stands out. With its exceptional sourcing and buying power, the brand capably sources raw materials in bulk, ensuring an uninterrupted supply as well as consistent pricing irrespective of market dynamics.

Sunny Home Care’s journey started with Krishnakant Pandey, who saw an opportunity in the home cleaning product’s industry and set out to seize it. Starting with the manufacture of concentrated floor cleaners and promoting the products throughout the neighborhood and the city of Mumbai, the company soon saw increased interest from customers as well as distributors. This reinforcement acted as the fuel propelling the company to expand its reach. In a short two year span, the company expanded to set-up its first full-fledged production unit, and grew its distribution network. With continued growth over the years, the company positioned itself as a leader and major supplier of home cleaners, finding place
in leading chain stores like D-Mart, Reliance, and more. In 2011, Sunny expanded further, setting-up its fully automated production unit which further streamlined operations to meet the growing demand.

“At Sunny, we have seen tremendous growth over the decades thanks to our loyal customers that trust us with the simple but critical task of keeping their homes clean. It is our vision to be the most preferred home care brand in every household in the country. As such, we are on the mission to provide quality home care products at reasonable price through process automation and efficient distribution network”, shares Bhushan Pandey, Director.

Sunny has seen tremendous growth over the decades thanks to our loyal customers that trust us with the simple but critical task of keeping their homes clean

Catering to the complete home cleaning needs of its customers Sunny Home Care offers a flagship product Sunny Green Concentrated Cleaner, which is a pine scented solution ideal for getting sparkling clean tiles. The cleaner can be used for floors, as well as for cleaning tiles in bathrooms, ensuring that every corner of your house is fragrant and squeaky clean. With its single product dominating the market, Sunny Home has become the number one cleaner in Maharashtra and Gujarat. However, the company evolved from a single product brand into a complete home cleaning solutions provider with a wide range of products including toilet cleaners, disinfectant floor cleaners, glass cleaners, scrubbers, hand wash, as well as brooms.

Growing Ahead

Having covered a dynamic journey, the reigns of the company are now in the hands of Bhushan Pandey, who is spearheading the firm’s current and future growth ventures. With a huge distribution network of 1200 distributors spread across multiple states in India, the company is now focusing on expanding its footprint across the length and breadth of India by 2025. Moreover, the company is also focused on backward integration and manufacturing of core raw materials, thereby becoming self sufficient, and promoting the Made In India initiative. Lastly, the firm’s agenda for the near future will also explore exporting opportunities across regions including South East Asia, Middle East and Africa, making Sunny Home Care a household name all over the world.