Sony Entertainment Television: Spreading Hope & Joy by Globalizing the Rich Cultural Content of India

Danish Khan,Executive Vice President & Business Head

Danish Khan

Executive Vice President & Business Head

Indian demography has come a long way from gibbering about the monotonous saas-bahu dramas to proudly proclaim as the mother of dragons, thanks to the brilliant wave of global television serials we have access to. However, being one of the oldest civilizations with a rich heritage, India has umpteen of such legendary heroes and folklore that can enthrall the global audience. Imbuing its latest shows with this basic concept and thus taking entertainment programs to the next level has been the success recipe for Sony Entertainment Television (SET) to skyrocket the TRP ratings and emerge as India’s most popular entertainment channel.

A Brand that Telecasts Epics
The entertainment channel from Sony Pictures Networks India launched in 1995 that telecasts some of India’s most highly rated TV shows like Kaun Banega Crorepati, Crime Patrol, and CID, SET requires no prologue. Having shred the regional barriers in the country with aforementioned quality shows, today, through world-class content made in India such as Porus – a recently aired TV series that portrays an Indian warrior who fought against ‘Alexander the Great’ in the Battle of the Hydaspes, SET is reinventing the Indian heroes & folklore to become India’s first global content company. Porus is a story of India’s first defender, Porus, who fought against the world’s greatest conqueror, Alexander in the Battle of the Hydaspes. Indeed, an artifact of years of brainstorming, Porus is the most expensive and the first global TV series made in India..

The root of its success is pinned on its belief of generating a variety of creative content that
uplifts people with the feeling of hope and happiness at the end of the day. With its prudent story telling, SET continues to rule the roost with stories that are relevant, engaging and entertaining. Living with the philosophy of 'The whole is greater than the sum of its parts', the firm builds partnerships and treats each other with mutual respect and compliment each other's strengths and weakness. “Our brand persona is all about partnerships. When relationship turns into partnership, our differences dissolve and we appreciate each other more, laugh together more, and hence it’s a win-win for all,” asserts Danish Khan, Executive Vice President & Business Head, Sony Entertainment Television.

The root of Sony Entertainment’s success is pinned on its belief of generating a variety of creative content that uplifts people with the feeling of hope and happiness at the end of the day

Significantly enhancing this brand persona is a 60 people strong creative team that coordinates with a large number of ingenious freelance collaborators, writers, directors, and actors, among others, who work with SET exclusively to produce impressively creative content. This ‘exclusivity’ factor combined with its reputation of encouraging novel ideas and talents has not only helped SET to attract young & ambitious blood, but also aids in going far beyond the typical soaps and captivating a young audience.

The Topic of Conversation
Ensuring a close-knit relationship with its diverse set of audience has been the forte of SET. Among a plenty of its campaigns, Kaun Banega Crorepati - a show which is loved by the people across the country for the gracious presence of Amitabh Bachchan and its this year's tag line - 'Jawab Dene ka Waqt Aa Gaya Hai’ (The Time to Answer has Come), had been a topic to converse among people irrespective of language.
In its shows, SET always has endeavored to portray characters which audience conceive in mind and converse with others, and in turn, these conversations have provided the brand with utmost visibility. “We believe that traditional marketing in its core is slowly getting irrelevant and today, the most important thing for a marketer like us who deals with content is to generate conversation among people, and that exactly is the crux of our marketing,” adjoins Danish.

Apart from social listening, SET on the other hand has devised a dedicated panel to perform continuous researches, in addition to syndicated researches through firms like BARC, and as a result, the brand ceaselessly penetrates into peoples’ tastes and interests, thus giving birth to trending shows. “This robust mechanism helps us in picking feedbacks from audience on a daily basis,” adds Danish.

An Amazing Year Ahead
Since the epics like Baahubali have set new visual-effect benchmarks in the country and thus expectations of audience are quite high, SET has pipelined more world-class shows such as Prithvi Vallabh, which is expected to catch more eye-balls globally from different cultures and countries. In addition, SET is all set to launch an entire gamut of entertainment programs of different genres, including ‘Dus Ka Dum’ which brings back Salman Khan to SET after many years, and most interestingly, it has also planned to bring back the biggest TV personality - Kapil Sharma by next year. Having seen the television revolution in the country from its infancy, SET definitely is the right brand to take it forward.

Key Management:
Danish Khan, Executive Vice President & Business Head

As the man at the helm for SET since September-2015, Danish is driving the overall business of the channel, including its objectives of channel growth, viewership and developing innovative revenue opportunities.

Head Office: Mumbai