Snow World Entertainment: Elevating Entertainment for People of All Age

Prasuk Jain, Managing Director

Prasuk Jain

Managing Director

Alight grey sky, cold winds, glistening trees filled with snowflakes, and thick snow clumps forming a white blanket all around, isn’t it a picturesque environment to be in? Snow is a magical thing. It descends from the sky with such grace and beauty that it looks like a drizzle showered by angels that delicately rests on the ground. Unfortunately, most people in India live in places that rarely ever get snow. These people miss out on the snowy experience.

To give such people an amazing snow experience without having to travel far away, Snow World Entertainment built snow parks. Established in 2011, Snow World Entertainment has been operating at a rapid level for almost a decade. During the process of giving people a snowy experience, the team realized, there is a dearth of luxury entertainment in India. For that reason, the group decided to put forth all its efforts toward being a distinguished player in the amusement industry. The company uses the best in technology and concepts to take over the Indian market, reassuring visitors to step in and experience beyond their imagination.

“We have built an entertainment arena not only for kids but also for adults; we didn’t want adults to miss out on the fun,” states Prasuk Jain, Managing Director of Snow World Entertainment. Prasuk Jain is the
driving force and inspiration behind Snow World Entertainment. He believes in giving his customers thrilling, unusual experiences that surpass their standards while also keeping up with global trends across all business sectors. Prasuk possesses inherent genetic traits that predispose him to exhibiting a proclivity towards creativity and resource fulness.

We have built an entertainment arena not only for kids but also for adults; we didn’t want adults to miss out on the fun

Snow World Entertainment has been awarded continuously for two years for providing luxury entertainment. The company’s every project is a unique testament to the World of Entertainment; be it - Snow World, Amazonia, Formula 11 Karting, The Game, Pink Wasabi, and many more. The projects under the group umbrella are prudently outlined to provide a perfect blend of adrenaline rush and elation. The company is enthusiastic to implement leading edge technologies and products in strategic alliance with world class international corporations, to create landmark destinations across the nation, in the field of Entertainment and Tourism. The company is on a mission to improve the experiences and the lives of as many people as possible. The team is working towards adding a new dimension to the amusement of the Indian audience.

Experience the magic of winters at Snow World where one can enjoy snowy adventures in an indoor park with the mercury dropping to as low as -10 degree Celsius. Look forward to getting a sneak peek into the lives of the Eskimos while pople indulge in some amazing activities like Snow Play, Snow Fall, Ice Skating, Snow Boarding, Snow Sledging, Ice Sliding, and of course, Snow fights. The company is fully equipped with sanitized Parka Jackets, Snow boots & Gloves that keep you warm in the freezing cold. The company's gaming zone includes Gyro, Air Walk, and Magic Bowling Lanes, it brings what nobody can.

For the road ahead, the company is looking to double the experience for people. The company is also using advanced technologies to enhance the snow experience in the snow world arena. Not just for entertainment, the company is using technology for enhancing safety inside the gaming zone. The company is looking to diversify in every aspect of the media and entertainment business. By offering a great experience, the company wishes to be a leader in the media and entertainment industry.