Shott India: Revolutionizing the Gaming Experience with Cutting-Edge Technology & 5-star Service Standards

   Rishi Shah,    Founder

Rishi Shah


Media and entertainment brands have been around for decades, shaping our culture and influencing our daily lives. From movies to music, TV shows to social media, these brands have become an integral part of our society. One of the key reasons media and entertainment brands are so successful is their ability to tap into our emotions. Whether it's laughter, tears, or excitement, these brands have a unique ability to connect with us on a deep level.

SHOTT Amusement is a leading chain of Indoor Amusement Centres that has become a popular destination for fun and entertainment in India. Founded by Rishi Shah in 2014, the brand has rapidly grown to become a leading name in the Media and Entertainment sector. The firm's commitment to providing exceptional customer service and world-class entertainment has helped it become a significant player in the industry.

SHOTT has utilized some of the most advanced technologies seen for the first time in Asia to build a 'Home of Epic Times.' Shah's interest in data analytics and AI technology, combined with his enterprising drive and vision, led him to start SHOTT. He has extensive experience in brand operations and customer experience, spanning over 10
years, which has given him a thorough understanding of what today's consumers demand and how to cater to those demands.

SHOTT, located in Surat, Ahmedabad, and Mumbai, offers a wide range of games and party options to suit all ages and preferences. COO Smeet Shah said, “At SHOTT, the games are not just games we offer an immersive experience that everyone can enjoy." The firm provides the perfect environment to spend quality time together and create lasting memories. The brand intends to expand its reach to other metropolitan cities like Pune and Hyderabad by the end of this year, which is part of its strategic plan to broaden its customer base and increase its market share.

At SHOTT, the belief is that gaming is not just about entertainment, but also about an international class experience, social interaction, & creating memories that last a lifetime

In addition to the games, SHOTT also provides various party options, including corporate parties, birthday parties, pre-wedding parties, kitty parties, team building events, and kids' birthday parties. These packages are tailored to different occasions and preferences and include games, food, and other amenities to ensure that the event is a success. The brand aims to provide the ultimate customer satisfaction and world class services to all its guests. CHRO Vaidehi Desai said, “Empowering the youth of the nation by providing various career opportunities at all levels is something we consider as a strength.” SHOTT offers an inclusive culture and mindset that sets the importance of training and development high to enhance customer service standards at all times.

SHOTT has been recognized by the Government of India as one of the most promising upcoming startups. With cutting-edge technology, the firm offers a variety of fun games both indoors and outdoors. Shah's clear thinking and inventiveness have propelled the brand toward expanding into Indias metropolitan cities and beyond. With something for every one, SHOTT provides an immersive experience that connects with consumers on a deep level. The brand's foray into Pune and Hyderabad is a significant step towards achieving its longterm growth objectives and becoming a global brand for elevated gaming experiences.