Sanskriti School: Imparting Traditional Education to Students Using Advanced Technology

Yamini Raju,Founder Principal

Yamini Raju

Founder Principal

Inspired by the Gurukul system, Sanskriti wishes to get back the interdisciplinary ideology and introduce it in the modern education system. The institute was started with the motto of teaching all under one roof giving modern values, traditional roots, and practical skill based education. The institute aims to provide the best of the two; the rich traditional and modern education scheme.

With the plan to build the organization as a reputed brand, Sanskriti is now accredited to the Global brand, NWAC (North West Accreditation Commission), an American Board. It also has tie-ups with international universities where its students get the opportunities to pursue their undergrad programs. "We use advanced technology to stay connected globally than ever before. A global perspective is important for advancing our race, facilitating common perspectives, and ensuring the best knowledge is shared on a global platform. This is what we aim to achieve," Ms. Yamini explains. Sanskriti is also planning to launch its home publication "Imago" (including all disciplines) to disseminate knowledge practically. Imago publication provides the new tech savvy generation with the concepts that will keep them curious and asking the right questions. "Through Imago, Sanskriti School Imparting Traditional Education to Students Using Advanced Technology Yamini Raju, we managed to create a generation of thinkers and problem solvers," says Ms.Yamini Raju.
"We believe in giving back to the society," Ms. Revati Raju states. To inculcate the value of "service before self," the institute has adopted a few orphanages and nursing homes. Students participate in the school fest "Kaushaliya" and donate their profit earned to these orphanages and nursing homes. "Our students also visit and spend time with these inmates and forge a connection with them," Ms. Revati adds.

“Passion fuels our vision and our vision is to change the education sector for the greater good

"At Sanskriti, we believe that there is no age for genius. We wish to hone all the skills that each child inherits," says Ms. Yamini Raju. Thus, the school management has invested in the student's startup company called the Vthink Big.' This is the brainchild of Sanskriti students and has kept the idea of employing those who are devoid of any resources to better their skills," Ms. Yamini explains further.

Road Map
Sanskriti's journey started as a pre-school and has been growing stead fast. Sanskriti is now KG to PG, offering IIT training and 46 combinations of subjects from various streams, including skill education with functional incubation centers for practical training. The degree college, Sanskriti Business School, is also aligned with the ideology and vision Sanskriti initially started. "We also help students in not only securing admissions in international universities but also train them to bridge any gap in the concepts taught internationally," Ms. Revati confirms.

"This is just the beginning and more is yet to come."concludes Ms.Yamini Raju while planning for their next project in the pipeline.