RUOSH: Fusing Classic Designs with Modern Comfort for an Unparalleled Footwear Experience

Sunil Renukaiah,   Business Head

Sunil Renukaiah

Business Head

In the retail space, brands play a crucial role as they exemplify unique personas that resonate with specific consumer demographics. However, the sector faces challenges such as deep discounting, shifting consumer preferences, technological advancements, and volatile economic conditions. Within this dynamic landscape, Ruosh stands out as an exemplar of innovation and quality.

Beyond delivering meticulously handcrafted leather footwear, Ruosh, a premium men's footwear brand addresses pivotal industry issues through its unique footwear offering in various categories. Ruosh emerges as a premier choice in navigating the evolving complexities of retail through an unwavering commitment to exceptional craftsmanship, contemporary design, bespoke customer experiences, and adept utilization of digital platforms for streamlined operations.

Based in Bangalore, Ruosh operates a network of company-owned stores alongside over 300 points of sale nationwide through partners like Metro, Mochi, Regal, Inc5, Centro, PN Rao, and Shoetree. Along with its own robust e-commerce website, the brand's presence extends to various marketplaces, facilitating convenient access to its premium footwear range. Established in 2011, Ruosh emerged from meticulous market research that identified a notable gap in the availability of quality men's footwear in India. This insight prompted Ruosh to blend international design elements with Indian inclinations.
“Rooted in the Sanskrit term for passion,Ruosh celebrates individuality and encourages customers to embrace their unique sense of style, steering away from fashion dictates", speaks Sunil Renukaiah, Business Head, Ruosh & Florsheim.

The firm prides itself on its rigorous crafting process, guided by the foundational principles of design, comfort, and quality craftsmanship. The brand specializes in a diverse array of men's footwear, delineated into four distinct footwear categories: formal, occasion, casual, and open footwear, each meticulously tailored to suit various customer preferences. The brand seamlessly intertwines traditional craftsmanship techniques, such as moccasin construction, hand-weaving, and hand-stitching, with contemporary fashion sensibilities, ensuring that each seasonal collection embodies unique styles and themes. “From the introduction of new colors like tan to the thoughtful curation of seasonal themes, we remain steadfast in our commitment to delivering unparalleled quality and style in every meticulously crafted product”, adds Sunil Renukaiah.

RUOSH distinguishes itself by skillfully fusing modern technology, classic style, & an everlasting dedication to excellent craftsmanship into each & every pair of shoes

Ruosh distinguishes itself through a blend of cutting-edge technology and eternal design, ensuring unparalleled comfort and durability. Incorporating novelties such as Ortholite footbed, arch & heel support, supple leather, and ultra-flexible soles for enhanced support, Ruosh prioritizes both style and functionality. Moreover, the brand's commitment to superior materials and versatile designs underscores its dedication to meeting the diverse needs of customers. Behind Ruosh's success lies a seasoned leadership team with extensive experience in manufacturing and retail. Led by a footwear industry veteran Kayum R Dhanani, and complemented by experts from diverse backgrounds, including manufacturing, retail, merchandising, sourcing, and operations. “We embody a fusion of industry expertise and consumer-centric focus, ensuring a seamless and innovative footwear experience for our customers”, says Sunil Renukaiah.

Future Roadmap

Looking forward, the brand anticipates substantial expansion, projecting a four fold increase in the upcoming financial year. Furthermore, the company is actively pursuing with renowned international brands, seeking to secure licensing agreements to further diversify its portfolio. With a strategic emphasis on developing multiple brands across various footwear categories, Ruosh aims to establish a robust and diversified brand portfolio over the next five years. This strategy for the future highlights dedication to market innovation and steady growth.