Rollacosta: The Taste We Deserve

Manav Shital & Niti Agrawal,Co-foundersFor many, dining at fast-food restaurants is a major part of life due to convenience, and ease. However, seldom we stop to think about the taste of the food we consume. It's easily available, so why not just bite on it and move on. Black Orchids however, has changed the perception about fast food, and brought in the quintessential apparatus of not just `Taste', but also `Quality'.

`Rollacosta' a brand of Black Orchids Pvt. Ltd, has transformed our opinion of fast food as we know it. The first ever Shawarma & Rolls QSR brand that offers not just healthy, but scrumptious fast food, `Rollacosta' has become the talk-of-the-town with the consumers for its new experiences and opportunities offered at every visit. Focus on quality, customer centricity, strong relationship and mutual trust have been the wheels on which Rollacosta has traversed exceptional lengths of success. Rollacosta is a quick service restaurant in the city serving a variety of North Indian, Lebanese, and Fast food items from its assorted menu.

Rollacosta is backed by an extensive evaluation and planning initially for a year which included feasibility, tasting and business plans. In a span of few years, from inception and a workforce of no more than five people, purely through word of mouth of its unique food items and quality, Rollacosta expanded to most of the major cities in India and has employed more than 80+ employees.
Today, Rollacosta is operational in 15+ cities in India. Unlike other fast food establishments, Rollacosta provides a unique combination of well-priced Quick Fast Food, with a enjoyable atmosphere. Popular for its mouth-watering Shawarmas, Rollacosta uses innovative concept for preparing Shawarmas & Rollas with their secret ingredient in it. Rollacosta is fast food concept with the simple aim of providing consumers with great tasting Rollas, Shawarmas, Pastas, Sandwiches, Indian Cuisine, Quickies and Beverages. Besides, the brand adds more variety as per the needs of a certain region. "We do keep changing our offerings as per the changing times keep in mind the feasibility and quality," says Niti Agrawal, Co-Founder, Rollacosta.

Rollacosta is also supplying its proprietary sauces and spices which are packed without any preservatives. Every vendor that Rollacosta sources from is FSSAI approved with all the certifications. This helps the fast food rising star to have uniform taste at every outlet.

Having built an empire of unparalleled taste, Rollacosta is aggressively looking at expanding the brand in Tier II & Tier III Cities

Having built an empire of unparalleled taste, Rollacosta is aggressively looking at expanding the brand in tier-II & tier-III Cities. The firm will soon enter more than 10+ cities in the coming year while also focusing on franchisee growth to grow the business. Speaking on the future prospects of the industry and where Rollacosta is headed, the other Co-founder, Manav Shital says, "QSR is the format which will rule in the future. We are working on our cloud kitchen which would give us an edge over pricing for our customers who tend to order from home or office. We are looking at around opening more than 100 QSR stores spread across India".

Franchise being a core area to focus, Rollacosta has in place training programs for the franchise teams. The franchise teams are trained around concerned topics, things to do before opening, cleanliness, maintaining hygiene, customer service, managing & preparing orders, avoiding wastage, things to do while closing, maintaining inventory, staff management etc. Franchise also gets complete Operational Manual and Staff Manual which will give you hands on information on everything. With Rollacosta, and several other eccentric brands like Juice Lounge, Yummerica Fries, and Chaat Ok Please, up its sleeve, Black Orchids is growing at a remarkable pace to become one of the premiere Fast Food brands of the country.