Quarant: A Remarkable Journey from being a Mask Brand to Nutraceuticals

Sagar Vaishnav,  DirectorIndia’s healthcare sector is estimated to reach up to $485 billion by 2025. The advent of the COVID-19 pandemic has not only presented challenges but also several opportunities for India to grow in this sector. During the time when COVID hit the world, there were many players in the country who used to sell masks and sanitizers that were not standardized and were not effective enough against the virus. The crisis opened new avenues for Indian startups, a few of whom have risen to the occasion and accelerated the development of low-cost, scalable, and quick solutions. Quarant has emerged as one of the most significant brands in India that provided a varied range of premium quality facemasks and sanitizers during the pandemic and continues to be a trusted company in this category till date.

Quarant ensures that their masks offer a high filtration efficiency against bacteria and viruses while being easy to breathe through and being hypoallergenic, created only from the most effective materials. Also, the company is well equipped with all the modern facilities of manufacturing, intended for offering quality products all across the country. Quarant’s manufacturing unit is ISO 13485:2016 & BIS-certified for manufacturing medical devices. The company follows high standards of professionalism and business
ethics. “Our company strongly believes in delivering state-of-the-art products into the market for everyone and this has driven us to cater to even the smallest requirements from our customers”, says Sagar Vaishnav, Director.

Quarant has also launched designer masks in the form of surgical masks which has been appreciated by the users. These masks have been designed to be comfortable enough to wear throughout the whole day. They are made of soft materials with stretchy elastic ear loops which effectively hold the mask in place on the user’s face. Most of the B-town celebrities prefer Quarant as their go to brand when it comes to designer masks. Quarant was the first company in India to launch surgical masks which have the property of self-sanitization so that they can be easily worn for long hours without any adverse effects.

Quarant was the first company in India to launch surgical masks which have the property of self-sanitization

Extended Range of Nutraceutical Products
The company has also introduced Vita Chews Omega 3 plus multivitamins combo for adults as well as kids separately. It is a chewable jelly which is developed using a unique and patented technology for the very first time in India. Quarant’s Jelly Chews offer enhanced absorption, have no fishy aftertaste, and do not cause burping or reflux. Each sugar-free Jelly Chew has 12 key nutrients that support a healthy brain & heart, strong joints and bones, and a balanced immune system along with hair, skin & eye health. The company has a vision to provide research driven innovative products that are clinically backed. Keeping that in mind, their products are developed by leading nutritional experts to provide optimum nutrition making them ideal for daily consumption.

Quarant caters to around 1.5 million customers in a year. The company was honored with the ‘Launchpad Rising Brand Award’ by Amazon India last year. This award is usually given to a company that generates the highest revenue among the newly launched brands. The company believes that it’s high time to launch well researched products that are grounded in science in the nutraceutical segment. Now, the company is majorly focused on nutraceuticals and is planning to introduce five to seven products within the next few months in the nutraceutical segment.