Prestige Smart Kitchen: Incorporating Smarter Kitchen Experience with Innovation & Precise CRM

Chandru Kalro,  CEOIn the game of taglines and catchphrases, brands attempt a great deal to create a mammoth public appeal, but flop miserably with emotional context while articulating the connection with the audience. But in the ‘game of new’, Prestige threw everyone for a loop by bending the ballgame and getting its 30-year old iconic tagline, ‘Jo Biwi Se Kare Pyaar, Woh Prestige Se Kaise Kare Inkaar’ back in the vogue. Portraying cooking as an expression of adoration, and the kitchen where magic and moments are created, Prestige rejuvenated the reliance with its consumers, thus evolving into the most loved & popular kitchen appliances brand PAN India. With around 80-100 products launched every year, there is no single company which is offering an entire gamut of home appliances as much as Prestige.

Since its inception in 1955, Prestige had its zeal to do something new & different in order to address the pain-points while cooking. From a distributor of pressure cookers to its manufacturer, the course of events of development directed in operational terms for Prestige makes it one of the few companies which have made such a successful foray from non electric products to electrical appliances. “We have continued with the same business of innovating, understanding & addressing pain-points of consumer & that’s what has made us that successful,” proclaims Chandru Kalro, CEO, Prestige Smart Kitchen. Being India’s no.1 kitchen appliance company, Prestige incorporates power sustainability goals in its manufacturing with all its processing plants following Green norms utilizing solar-power in significant forms.

Value Driven Strategies
As India’s first ISO 9001 certified appliance company, Prestige is a brand of trust for years, serving generations after generations in the Indian household. From the safety valve of the pressure
cooker to well-devised gas kit release system, and the induction cook tops, the company with holds its ethics on the triad of trust, transparency and knowledge. Chandru explains, “When I say transparency & trust, I mean everything that we do is done with a win-win philosophy, which means we want all our stake holders to win along with us”. With 360 degree promotions, Prestige is one of the first brands to have a serious venture into digital marketing & consumer engagement – both on Facebook & YouTube. Moreover, the brand identity holds its peak every year with the enticing Diwali & New Year ‘anything for anything’ exchange schemes that allows you to bring anything from your kitchen, of any brand, in any condition and buy any new Prestige product in return at lesser price.

From the safety valve of the pressure cooker to well-devised gas kit release system, and the induction cook tops, Prestige withholds its ethics on the triad of trust, transparency and knowledge

Tackling the challenges from the unorganized players along with the constant churn in the channels, Prestige keeps ground breaking its product line-up to stay at the forefront in the competition. Sighting the key opportunity to extend the brand beyond the kitchen,last April, Prestige forayed into the Indian home cleaning market by launching India’s first electric mop, vacuum cleaner cum floor polisher and an all-purpose steam cleaner.

Customer Services
While the Pre-sales gives just a brand view from outer particulars, the Post-sales services are imperative keeping in mind the existing market presence to pull the shoppers back to the brand. Powered with full-fledged CRM software, Prestige runs its call center with some of the best turnaround time standards. With an impeccable CRM feedback system for consumer contact programs through 200+ service centers across the country, the company hosts about 1000 service camps and at least 20 large programs where they do free servicing for its clients’ old products. Aside from that, Prestige has its on-field team of over 1000 people who profess
about its products in stores, along with 530 exclusively franchised store chains, showcasing the brand’s entirety. Furthermore, today people are leaning more towards digital screens to get knowledge and share their experience/review; Prestige leverages this platform heavily to share tips, information and various kinds of value added services to help consumers use the product better and enhance their kitchen experience.

CSR & Business Track
In the age of profit building strategy, this vintage brand still believes in serving back to the society. Running several activities including school in the villages of Tamil Nadu, Blood Bank and De-addiction center to bring about a difference in society at all possible levels, Prestige sights its tremendous opportunities in the country especially in the rural space of India. Ranked among the top 50 places to work, Prestige enlists around 3000 direct employees working for it, distributed among five green factories, 29 brand locations and two warehouses. “We offer career, not jobs by nurturing people constantly and making them ready for the next level, thus giving them a career path rather than just increments & swaps,” adjoins Chandru. On the roadway of proactive approaches in the industry, Prestige has won numerous awards & accolades by Reader’s Digest, Economic Times, and several others, including the Super Brand for the last 10-12 years. Clearly, with such diligent promotion for the most wanted kitchen brand, Prestige envisions to have a place in every Indian Kitchen while hitting a colossal figure of Rs.3500-4000 crore on the revenue graphs in the next five years.

Key Management
M. Chandru Kalro, CEO, Prestige Smart Kitchen
Chandru, as an appealing personality in philosophy and people management, has served Prestige for 24 years. With a B.E. degree in Electronics & Communication, he has turned the cards for the company with his dynamic team building and product promotion strategies.

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