Praylady: The Ideal Companion For Any Kitchen

Rakesh P. Shah Managing Director,Managing DirectorThe Indian cookware market has been expanding strongly in recent years and is likely to increase in Triple digits in the coming years due to rising consumer consumption habits, rising per capita income, and a growing population in various states. Increased demand from rural areas for branded quality and durability of products is one of the primary factors of the Indian cookware market's growth. Growing online retailing is providing the additional push for the market to enter this rapidly expanding channel of distribution to capture maximum sales and, as a result, effectively meet customer demand.

Praylady is a Shilpa Stainless manufacturing firm that has been in the Home Appliances sector for 47 years. Praylady has entrenched itself by using cutting-edge manufacturing technology and making unrivaled cookware that can be found in every kitchen in town. With the support of a profession¬al workforce, the company pays close attention to the details and nuances of each utensil produced. Praylady's goods are of high quality, and they have a large and devoted customer base as a result of their dedication and attention to detail in meeting everyone's culinary demands.

Late Prakash Raj founded the company, which is now run by his son, Rakesh Shah, who is a managing director and supervises the R&D department. With a production unit strength of nearly 800 people, it is a team that is constantly driven to develop more and more products for its customers. It has also been recognized by the government of India as one of the best exporters in the south region and has been awarded in various
fields, with over 1200 SKU’s which is manufactured in-house.

Praylady has built a position for itself as a renowned producer, supplier, and exporter in the Indian home appliances market. Cookware was not a regulated industry in India. However, people are now discovering the necessity of utilizing decent cookware for palatable cuisine. Praylady has its production unit and employs over 800 people. Praylady manufactures with the finest precision and is committed to providing complete client satisfaction. Praylady is positioned in the market via distributor and wholesaler channels, and it also has an e-commerce website that provides a complete detailed description of all of its items.

Kitchenware of the Finest Quality Praylady is available in several marketplaces and recently launched its first brand store this year in the Phoenix market of Chennai, with plans to develop multiple brands across India in the next years. The ideal culinary experience provided by the organization is that it creates its products with the utmost precision, hygiene, and detailing. It guarantees that the cookware is both healthy for cooking and elegant enough to complement the design of a kitchen. The firm also has a selection of premium cookware ranges such as the three plus range, the titan cookware range, and the maximum range.

These product ranges are built with high-quality raw materials sourced from Jindal Steel and the Steel Authority of India, and they are priced affordably while also providing a premium edge over other products on the market. The company provides a diverse assortment of elegantly designed cookware, such as three-ply, five-ply, hammered cookware, and more. The brand's products prevent nutrient loss during cooking, preserve the authenticity of the food being cooked, and make food better and healthier.

"We empower our customers by providing them with the best kitchen essentials that will add to their culinary experience and are committed to establishing an everlasting relationship with customers and keeping them delighted without compromising our quality of products & service”, adds Rakesh Shah.

Praylady has built a position for itself as a renowned Manufacturer, supplier, and exporter in the Indian home appliances market

Praylady has been exporting for the last 25 years with its footprints in 16 countries and is steadily expanding into other markets. It has been constantly working on enhancing production efficiency to serve the pan-India market, as well as producing new items regularly while keeping market requirements in mind. Praylady will soon have a presence in the entire Indian market through E-commerce, brand stores, a distribution network, and a wholesaler network. Company is currently active in 16 countries and is constantly developing and improving its goods.