Pernia Qureshi Consultancy: No Room for Good, But Extra-Ordinary

Pernia Qureshi , Founder There is no doubt that e-Commerce is riding high on the wave of opportunity. The capacity that it has to drive sales and transactions has pulled almost every customer facing entity to start their own e-Commerce company or associate with one. But in today's e-Commerce scenario, everyone tries to sell everything, making it difficult to maintain brand position and identity (uniqueness). While every other e-Commerce companies are running for new customer acquisitions, Pernia Qureshi, Founder, Pernia Qureshi Consultancy (PQC), and the leading stylist, actor and dancer, believes that, "Customer loyalty towards your brand and repeat purchases is a key to success. Customer expects premium quality of products and services from us, and we deliver it every time".

There is an upswing in demand from customers across the country for premium designer products. But the limited access to such products grabbed the eyes of Pernia, and to bridge it, she founded Pernias pop ups Today, is one of the highly recognized names in the e-Commerce world offering high-end luxury designer products by acting as a one-stop destination for all fashion desires of a person. It offers India's premier designers (over 200) to a global clientele, who are just a click away. "For, 'Customer is not only the King, but Everything', if you are in serious long-term business," asserts Pernia.

The Unique Approach

With the uprise of dot com, several e-Commerce companies spurred but failed to create a clear differentiator for them selves. But for Pernias pop up, the differentiation is the curation by Pernia. While most e-Commercesites offer generic products and failed to build a platform that offers true fashion, Pernia's Pernias pop up
spell-bounds clients at each point with its beautiful and carefully picked fashion."Pernias pop up is a labor of love. The building of this business has had three distinct phrases -the creation of engine with the help of designers & programmers, the relationship building with the talent and suppliers, and finally the logistics back-end, which has to work seamlessly to deliver quality brand value," explains Pernia.

This super luxury apparel e-Commerce company knows the pulse of its customers, hence servesevery order as if it is its first order and delivers when promised

Pernias pop up not only believes in premium quality and customer centric approach, but walks the talk. The company is extremely particular about its offers and always gives the best-in-class products to customers. To ensure this, every product goes through four layers of selection process before it goes live. This is why, customers believe that no matter what, their interest will always be of the highest priority and will be taken care of at any cost.

Pernia proudly asserts, 'Good is not for us", which is quite evitable if one scrolls through her website. Every product offered is paramount and premium in their character. While few players offer sub-standard products and services, which lead to dissatisfaction and lowers customers' confidence for online purchases, Pernia's Pernias popup has been breaking the bar since inception with its consistency and commitment towards customer satisfaction, which has been the biggest strength for the organization.

Knowing the Pulse

This super luxury apparel e-Commerce company knows the pulse of its customers, hence serves every order as if it is its first order and delivers when promised. This has cemented company's relationship with clients more strongly. The company is investing heavily on brand building, customer research, technology and team. Being close to her heart, Pernia always takes out time from
her busy schedule to overview and discuss the business and motivates her team to set new benchmarks for the customers and industry.

Strongly believing in customer delight, Pernia discusses this with team, the reflection of which is discernible in her business approach. She ensures employee satisfaction and keeps them motivated to give their best towards company's growth. "We have a small, young enthusiastic and professional team who is self possessed to deliver their best. It's because of their continuous efforts, we are delivering smiles to many miles," says a proud Pernia.

However, she never forgets to thank her customers and designers as well who have always been through thick and thin. "Without their support, this was never possible. Special thanks to Suneet Varma, Sabyasachi, Varun Bhal, Abu Jaani, Sandeep and Manish Malhotra. They are the one who have turned my dreams to reality," says a gratified Pernia.

Walking Ahead

Currently targeting HNI people, the company has positioned it self accordingly with a very high brand recall, thus making customers its brand ambassadors. Pernias popup plans and designs customer centric marketing campaigns, as it strongly believes that customers should be directly or indirectly benefitted with its marketing initiatives. Pernias popup does a lot of fun and cool activities to enhance its customers' engagement. It also invests a lot in digital marketing and social media to increase traffic and conversion.

With aggressive expansion plans, Pernias is all set to expand its team. Currently led by a strong-headed and dynamic business leader, the company is constantly working on adding technology and bringing in more efficiency and productivity in the system. With such profound strategies in place, the company is achieving new milestones month-on-month and has witnessed significant increase in number of customers over the last few months. "We are India's leading super luxury apparel e-Commerce company and now we have committed to take it to the next level. This is just the beginning for us and there is a long way to go," concludes Pernia.