Pantech Elearning: Equipping Learners with Practical Experiences

 Malaiyappan M., Senthil Kumar M.R., Srinivasan N,   DirectorsIncreasing internet penetration and growing demand for upskilling and reskilling have led to the e-learning industry’s rise, and students and faculties stand to benefit from it the most. They can choose a career path that is beyond their educational streams. But to do that, practical experience has a higher role to play. While most of the elearning platforms are doing their bit to provide a practical course, companies like Pantech Elearning have made significant strides.

Pantech Elearning provides a range of courses, from programming languages, full stack developments to advanced AI Programs, Data Science, Embedded Systems and electric vehicle design, with a strong focus on practical learning. Pantech Elearning is the e-learning division of Pantech where manufacturing experience of electronic equipment used by educational institutes is translated into various e-learning modules”, says Senthil Kumar M.R., Founder, and Director of Pantech Elearning. “80 percent of the curriculum of our training programs addresses the practical approach, instead of theoretical form”, he adds. The curriculum is designed by the experts of Pantech R& D Team and STEP - National Institute of Technology Karnataka (NITK), Surathkal, which is also the certification body of the training programs.

With over 18 years of product development and manufacturing experience, the team of Pantech Elearning is well-versed in the practical aspect of the industries. In addition, working with educational institutes has provided them with enough insight into the needs of the students. Today, students can
change their career path at their convenience, but they must have the practical domain knowledge to succeed in their chosen path. Pantech Elearning understands this requirement and has designed its course so that a learner gains enough practical experience.

For example, a learner will be assigned four to eight assignments per session in a two-month training program. Capstone projects or realtime applications are part of the training program. The company organizes weekly hackathons for any sort of training programs, and a learner can participate and compete with the best in the industry. If they face specific challenges while participating, a Pantech mentor will address them in a one-to-one session.

80 percent of the curriculum of Pantech training program addresses the practical approach with realtime projects, instead of theoretical form

Over the past three years, Pantech Elearning has been associated with leading government models and signed an MOU with the Institute of Electronics Telecommunications Engineering(IETE - Mumbai), a government body. The company has also signed memorandums of understanding with IETE – Ranchi, and IETE - Chennai, nonprofit government organizations under the Ministry of Education. Through these associations, the firm has spread throughout pan India and have been able to reach more than 1 lakh students in the last 2 years. The company has also been an associate training partner with the Andhra Pradesh Skill Development Corporation, with a mission of training three lakh students, with whom they have completed around one lakh students.

Pantech also associated and signed a MoU with DoTE, Telangana to train the students and the faculties on Telangana State. Pantech has also been associated with the Tamil Nadu Skill Development Corporation under Naan Mudhalvan Scheme, where they have organized a virtual internship program targeting 25,000 engineering and science students. A Project Hackathon is organized by Pantech in association with Naan Mudhalvan, TNSDC, Government of Tamilnadu and the best innovative projects will awarded Rs.1.35 Lacs by the Naan Mudhalvan, TNSDC and best projects will be certified by National Institute of Technology (STEP), Karnataka. Recently, the firm signed an MOU with the National Institute of Technical Teachers Training and Research, Chennai (NITTTR) to train 50,000 faculties on technically in the southern region of India, covering all five states.

The company is on a mission to build a community of ten million learners across India and is progressing at a good pace to achieve the same. Practical learning is an essential aspect in today’s world, and Pantech Elearning is playing its part in developing skilled resources that will be able to tackle complex real-world industrial challenges.