Panchshil Realty: Redefining Real Estate Industry in India by Implementing New Construction Methodologies

Mr. Atul Chordia, ChairmanAccording to Mr. Atul Chordia, Chairman, Panchshil Realty, “We dared to dream big. A dream to build not just homes, but lifestyles. A dream to create integrated workspaces, and to shower hospitality with gilded luxury. Our approach is focused on planned development, creating value assets for the city and to become the leader in our spheres of business”. Today, Atul along with his eminent management team comprising of personalities like Abhay Chordia, Sagar Chordia, Anand Sanghvi and Vivek Rachh, has carved a niche for his company Panchshil Realty in the Indian real estate market. Panchshil Realty is known as the real estate company that revolutionized the sector by bringing cutting-edge construction technologies to the country. Be it Dry Construction Technique (DCT) or the prefabricated bathrooms fitted directly into the apartments known as The BathPods, Panchshil is way ahead of other real estate developers in terms of technology.

Unique Approach
Old, traditional construction methodologies have been the favourite of builders, who mostly ignore the warning signs of environmental degradation like water shortage and pollution. But for Panchshil, sustainability is one of its core values. Implementing DCT in its recent project, Panchshil Towers in Pune has helped the developer save a whopping one million liters of water. DCT involves light weight construction of interior walls, ceilings and floors, using plastered or microfiber board that is joined at the time of installing. Apart from dry wall and ceiling, the façade is also done with Aluminum Composite Panels (ACP) instead of brickwork and plaster. Atul says, “DCT is now a globally proven building construction technique and is up to 8-10 times lighter than traditional brick, and cement structures; there by accelerating the construction process and allowing speedier completion (up to 70 percent) and hand over”.

This ecofriendly developer eliminates the usage of brick& concrete and opts for paving blocks to build the roads at its
facilities that allow rainwater to percolate into the ground, raising the ground-water level in the process. With increasing commitment to sustainability in all aspects of construction, Panchshil aids easy handling of material, speedy construction, and convenience in upgrading or renovating existing spaces that are already occupied & operational, and promotes neat & clean site working conditions.

With increasing commitment to sustainability in all aspects of construction, Panchshil aids easy handling of material, speedy construction, and convenience in upgrading or renovating existing spaces that are already occupied & operational, and promotes neat & clean site working conditions

Furthermore, the company aims to leverage the scale of construction of bathrooms and washrooms for medium and large-scale premium real estate projects with the BathPod technology. Panchshil's motto has always been to use the latest cutting-edge technologies, construction methods, materials and innovations. Keeping with this line, Panchshil maintains a separate BathPod facility, which encompasses an end-to-end assembly, right from framework, water proofing, steel framing, fixtures, all the way till cleaning and inspection, before shipping pre fabricated bathroom to the apartments. The Bath Pods, as the name suggests are state-of-the-art, near ready bathroom pods, built off site and then placed directly in the apartments. The assembly line process guarantees consistent quality and uniform results over time and scale. Every aspect, right from water proofing, tiling, service pipe pressure testing, bathroom leak testing to electrical continuity testing undergoes routine and detailed quality inspection. At present, the facility has a capability of putting together 5000 fully built bathrooms per year, at full capacity. This technique will significantly reduce construction timelines for all developers.

Knowing Panchshil Realty
A well-known name in the Indian real estate industry, Panchshil carries 15 years of legacy, excellence and trust with a commitment to cutting-edge design and technology in each of its developments. Backed by a strong team, Panchshil
provides end-to-end services & solutions to its clients right from surveying of the project site to designing the layout, construction, execution, maintenance, and consulting. The company delivers a gamut of services in engineering, facility, transaction and project management. In line with its vision to create wealth for the city of Pune, Panchshil partners with global designers and follows international standards to build not only landmarks, but also to introduce the finest of lifestyles. A recipient of multiple awards in luxury homes and office property development, the firm is synonymous with premium finish, intelligent floor layouts, innovative solutions, high-quality execution, and after-sales maintenance. “We even provide consulting and training to partners in India and overseas, so they in turn can adopt the same best practices which have made Panchshil India's number one brand in commercial realty, construction technology, and international branded residences,” adds Atul.

Over the years, Panchshil has grown from strength to strength and till date has delivered over 17 million sq. ft. of prime real estate, with 16 million sq. ft. under development across multi-asset classes. Its portfolio spans across high-end residential developments, IT parks, built-to-suit office spaces, special economic zones (SEZ), hotels, convention centers and luxury retail malls. Some of the key landmarks include Trump Towers Pune and YOOPune by Philippe Starck (India's first branded residences), EON Free Zone (Kharadi), International Convention Center (South Asia's largest trade & convention centre), World Trade Center (Pune) and office campus for Cummins India amongst others. "We take pride in delivering a global product with life-long value and appreciation for our customers. As a result, we have always bench marked ourselves against the very best globally and introduced several innovations and construction best practices in the Indian market," concludes Atul.

Key Management:
Atul Chordia, Chairman
A commerce graduate from the University of Pune, Atul with his acute business sense, has successfully led Panchshil Realty into introducing some of the most famous international branded residences in the Indian market.

Offices: Pune & Mumbai

Offerings: Luxury Residences, Integrated Workspaces, Special Economic Zones, Built-to-suit Campuses, Hospitality and Retail