Orbit Electrodomestic: Enhancing the Quality of Life through Innovative & Smart Appliances

Rajeev Shukla, CEOHome appliances were once thought of as luxury that belonged to rich & affluent families. Several appliance companies emerged to serve them with stylish & sleek designs, which were out of the reach of middle class people who constitute a major portion of Indian population. With increasing number of people moving under this class, and their lifestyle becoming more busy, their need for such appliances became more than a luxury statement. However, not many appliance companies ever looked at this class as their potential customers. But Orbit Electrodomestic India, with its range of over 100 home appliances, has emerged as the brand that is ‘Living life with you everyday’. “We keep trying to create innovative products for families, which they can utilize in multiple ways and can fit into their busy lifestyle to make their life smooth & easy. We are the only appliance company that has a range of over 100 items, which no other company is proffering currently in the country,” avers Rajeev Shukla, CEO, Orbit Electrodomestic India.

Founded in 2000, Orbit Electro domestic is a leading Indian group in the realm of household & electronic products. The company has launched almost 70-80 products in around 12 Indian states along with eight other countries including Hong Kong, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Spain, UK and U.S. Orbit’s products are dedicated to recognize & meet the needs of people’s daily live whilst enhancing their lifestyle. The firm carries a legacy of over 17 years in the space and all its products are at par with its foreign counterparts in terms of quality and safety. Orbit not only undergoes European & German standards but also follows Indian standards and has sole selling rights for Indian operations.

With the demand of home appliances going beyond kitchen ovens, mixer grinder, induction cooker, coffee & tea maker,cream makers and
more),Orbit has ventured into manufacturing range of personal care and garment care products mainly for youth, working professionals and housewives that include hair straightener, dyer, iron, trimmer and many others. Further in keeping pace with the middle & upper class group, Orbit offers products like garment streamer (over steam iron) that not only boosts the look & feel of woolen cloths and coats, but also enhances their life, whilst giving a rich feeling to the wearer.

Orbit has ventured into manufacturing range of personal care and garment care products mainly for youth, working professionals and housewives that include hair straightener, dyer, iron, trimmer and many others

Being an innovative company has always given Orbit an upper hand over its competition. It always keeps itself at the cutting edge of the innovations and invests significantly in the development of affordable & easy-to-use appliances. For instance, it has been manufacturing rechargeable fans since 2010 whereas the competitors have just started taking baby steps into the segment. High in demand in places like Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, U.P & Bihar, the fan once charged can run for four five hours, giving a sigh of relief to people suffering from major power deficit. It’s another innovation is multi functional cooker (use to prepare rice, chapatti, parat has and dosa) that averts consumers from acquiring separate appliances for different purposes, thus saving big time.

Unique Marketing Approach
Small and bold steps usually pave the way to success. For instance, among the hoard of similar players, it was not easy for Orbit to create a niche for itself and reach its target customers. Hence it participated (and still does) in various exhibitions and trade shows to touch base with its potential customers to explain and demonstrate its innovative range of home appliances. To further keep up with the pace, the firm continues to focus and aim on delivering such products that are driven by consumer interest. Realizing that the big names took time to turn their orders into
deliveries, Orbit made it a point to maintain huge stock of inventory, which ensured product availability at every point of time, thus eliminating the wait time for consumers.

To further enhance customer experience, the firm endows post sale services across PAN India and maintains franchises (where service centers are not available) in more than 70 Indian cities to offer hassle free customer support services. Additionally, Orbit’s huge network of dealers offers customer flexibility to choose from vast range of products & appliances. It has tie-up with Vishal Mega Mart, which has more than 200 stores in up-North, making it easy for Orbit to reach every corner of the region.

The silver lining of the company is its reliable and trustful corporates partners, who trade & advertise Orbit products along with their brand. Throwing light on this, Rajeev speaks, “Our partners have enormous trust on us, which facilitate them to correlate their product with our products. For instance, one of the top international brands has given around 3.5 lakhs of our beauty product free along with its product; enabling us to reach more 3.5 lakh clientele base. Such correlation indicates our brand icon and reliability in the industry, as our partners also rely on us for their product sale,” he added.

Future Vision
Since its inception, it has been an eventful journey for the company. Over the coming months and years, Orbit aims to increase its sale and become a Rs.100 crore entity. In fact, the company has increased its sales by 30-40 percent this year and already touched its turnover in four months from March to till date. Further more, the company is all geared-up to venture into separate electronic division for the production of electric appliances.

Key Management:
Rajeev Shukla, CEO
Having immense experience in the industry, Rajeev launched Orbit brand in India that is running successfully from last 17 years and going strong.

Offices: Mumbai (Headquarter), Ajmer & Delhi

Offerings: Kitchen Appliances, Fans, Garment Care, Cleaning Aids and Personal Care