Omicron: Providing Sensing Solutions that You can Just Fit & Forget

Harshil Shah,Director

Harshil Shah


Different industries have enormously different production processes, but they all need to control process variables such as temperature, pressure, humidity, flow, and level, and in many cases entail the highest levels of accuracy. As the process control market is evolving drastically, manufacturers nowadays must adapt to user behavior, requirement & technologies to add more value. However, Process Instrumentation tools are not magic. It takes ample time and money to build the right process control framework with perfect methodologies, strategies and above all, adequate personnel to produce quality & successful deliveries. Omicron a household brand in process control industry, utilizes a perfect amalgamation of engineers, technical staff and product marketing specialists, who know how to develop & supply products faster and smarter.

Today the company is a pioneer in offering a range of Process Control Instrumentation and Solution, ranging from various kinds of sensors to monitor and control pressure, temperature, flow, level, humidity, air quality and water quality. This family run company is one of the leading manufacturers in the field of industrial sensors and Process Instrumentation too. Its innovative product range includes the entire measuring chain ranging from mechanical instruments, wired digital sensors to wireless transmitters and controllers. From a modest beginning, the company has successfully catered the critical market needs for sensors and has created a niche for itself.

Along side selling its off-the-shelf products, the company also deploys enthusiastic teams that perform a comprehensive evaluation along with client’s contractors & consultants, and propose the products accordingly to meet their technical and commercial needs. Omicron upholds dedicated 30 engineers (from diverse backgrounds with practical experience of working on-site) who frequently interact with customers and gather various inputs (like budget, life span of sensor, accuracy, criticality, failure ratio, lead time and technical compliance) to develop more accurate and robust application.

Based on these inputs, the company develops a commercial viability plan and initiates the designing of the sensors. These experts enable Omicron to apply an unparalleled mix of intellect and experience to resolve client's most difficult applications and technical
issues and successfully guide them through product related problems and initiatives. The company continuously examines feedback,inputs, analysis and best practice benchmarks to ideate process enhancement strategy and then objectively verify the effectiveness of process improvement.

Omicron’s sensors and instruments are tested by in-house assess team (based on User Requirement Specification) and certified (CE and UL certifications) by various national and international leading agencies and laboratories for stringent requirements

Assuring the Fittest Sensors
Omicron’s sensors and instruments are tested by in-house assess team (based on User Requirement Specification) and certified (CE and UL certifications) by various national and international leading agencies and laboratories for stringent requirements. The entire range of sensors are examined for calibration error whereas five percent of them are picked randomly and tested in the actual application to check its accuracy. “Having globally recognized certifications, our customers are rest assured that they are getting the best of the products available in the market,” proclaims Harshil Shah, Director, Omicron Sensing Pvt Ltd. Based on the fundamentals of Quality, Relationship and Service Support, the firm is well-committed and dedicated to tender customized solutions to the customers rather than just trading the devices. Most of the sensors are normally kept ready in stock for a rainy day and when the need arises to replace the sensor, its delivered within 24 to 72 hours.

Omicron sets its brand value further atop from its rivals with its capability of proffering technical assistance to customers and post-sale service. To enhance customer experience, the company not only gives two-year replacement warranty for manufacturing defect but also bestows extended warranty upto 10 years for certain array of sensors. The company constantly believes in the principle of ‘fit it and forget it’, ensuring no client would require any extra support for the sensors. These value additions and end-to-end approach have given Omicron a worldwide reputation of delivering the right solutions.

Omicron's tagline ‘Revolutionizing the world of Sensing Solutions’ speaks how majestically it has mastered the art of providing the best of the sensing solutions, considering the unique technical and commercial requirements of the client in the lowest possible budgets. Thanks to these exceptional traits, today the company gets many repeat businesses from existing
customers who have introduced Omicron to other new buyers. The confidence and trust of its valuable customers have infused a major source of inspiration in Omicron. Today, with over 85+ employees across India (Mumbai,Chandigarh, Delhi, Ahmedabad, Indore, Pune, Bengaluru, Hyderabad and Chennai) and head office in California (San Diego),the firm caters to customers across industries including petrochemical, biotech, pharmaceuticals, semiconductor, automobiles, power plants, food and many other, often as their one-stop partner for all their process control needs. “We pride in our in-house technical teams and our trustworthy employees who are the backbone of our future,” avers Harshil.

Having manufacturing units in India, US and China, it was not difficult for Omicron to cater to such critical markets. Currently, it works with most of the known pharmaceutical companies globally along with the multinational system integrators who design systems for the pharma companies. To cater the ever growing demand of sensors, Omicron’s is planning to expand its current plant capacity from manufacturing nearly 15000 sensors per month to 20,000 by end of next fiscal year. “We established ourselves with an objective to provide ultimate solution and satisfaction to cater variety of industrial needs ranging from general purpose to highly sophisticated instrumentation, says Harshil.

The venture looks at 2018 as the year full of opportunity and is working to make it one of the most remarkable years in its history. To make this happen, Omicron has put plans in place to establish new facility for commissioning in China (June 2018), and add new product lines in its current portfolio of sensors. Additionally, the company also aims to expand its wings in Kolkata, Goa and Guwahati. “By the year 2022, we plan to generate revenue of more than $15million in our sensor business in India. We strive to be a world class company committed to provide not just solutions by offering the latest technologies, but to also provide services to upgrade the solutions from time to time as needed by the industry,” concludes Harshil.

Key Management:
Harshil Shah, Director
Having educated in the UK, Harshil brings rich and diverse industry experience from multiple disciplines, ranging from product development, engineering, team management, manufacturing, to strategy business development and others.

Offices: San Diego (Headquarter for the western markets), Mumbai (Headquarter for the Asian markets), Chandigarh, Delhi, Ahmedabad, Indore, Pune, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Chennai

Offering: Process Control Instrumentation & Solutions