Odisha TV: A Trendsetter In The Regional Media Industry

Litisha Panda ,    Head of Business & Development

Litisha Panda

Head of Business & Development

Humans are officially in an era where the inflow of international content is in abundance, thanks to OTT platforms. However, people are very mindful of the content they absorb. As times are changing, people are realizing the importance of regional content. FICCI-EY projected, by 2025, 60 and 50 percent of TV and OTT consumption will be of regional content, respectively. As a content-driven industry, media and entertainment have always been at the forefront. What matters is not just who delivers it, but how well. To produce original regional content that entertains, educates, and empowers the viewers by narrating the stories of the state and its people, Odisha TV is reporting its free, fair, and unbiased content on neutral grounds in this polarized world.

Odisha Television Network as a group is Odisha’s largest Broadcast & Digital Media and entertainment network. Its bouquet includes five highly popular stations: OTV (News), Tarang TV-GEC, Tarang Music, Alankar (Movie), and Prarthana (Devotional), along with a digital presence on websites, Apps, and Native News portal. Launched in 1997, Odisha TV has always led from the front through its journey from cable television channel to satellite channel and now dominates the digital world in the Odia language, with no significant competitors.
Marking Milestones
OTV is the first company in Odisha to install an OTT platform, Tarang Plus, and has been number one for 25 years (2022) and serves 45 million Odia speakers worldwide. The firm believes that television broadcasting and digital streaming will coexist; therefore it constantly embraces technological innovation to fulfill consumer expectations and attempt to merge both. In addition, OTV has shown itself to be adept at crisis management due to its belief that being in the media and handling issues is a habit. Its biased reports frequently clash with local officials within the state government. “Changing one’s perspective is the most difficult challenge a person can face, and when you’re from tier-two cities, change is quite prevalent; if you don’t adapt, you won’t live. Despite the multiple obstacles we confront in attracting talent, we have the best and this keeps us afloat”, says Litisha Panda, Head of Business & Development, Odisha Television Network.

Content is king and Odisha tv wants to Continue to keep making Better content

Pacing with Market Trends
ODISHA TV has consistently monitored market trends such as content personalization, OTT, content advertising, digital data privacy, and AI. When it comes to content personalization, which is VOD, it is D2C as opposed to broadcast media because consumers aspire to tailor their lives and content now a days. Also, there is currently a part of the population that cannot afford streaming services. “The OTT is a significant next step in the evolution of advertising, but as India is a price sensitive market, I’m uncertain how well the subscription model will be received, there are troubles with subscriptions. As a result, some segments cannot access ad-free content”, elaborates Litisha.

A significant portion of marketing spending has gone from broadcast to digital, affecting all media. On the other side, digital data privacy is a reason for concern; regional players face problems because digital advertisements are big-tech such as Facebook,Google, and more. However, regional language channels, at least OTV, are not monetized by large digital companies, but OTV is close to deciphering the code.

Though everybody’s working across segments internationally, or nationally, the language doesn’t hold any barriers. In addition, the media industry is unique because of its psychological, emotional, and aspirational appeal to its customers. As quality and acceptance are subjective to each customer, it’s tricky to be a part of a new era where the demand is completely consumer-driven. The future blueprint for the company is growth in all directions possible.