Nihon Kohden India: Revolutionizing Medical Technologies

Kentarou Kusano,Managing Director

Kentarou Kusano

Managing Director

Medical devices comprise medical instruments, machines, and apparatuses, used for the detection, treatment, and monitoring of dis¬eases. Medical devices are an essential part of a treatment procedure. Japan, Germany, United States of America and China are the leading countries manufacturing medical equipments. Nihon Kohden Corporation, Japan is an important player in the medical equipments market.Established in 1951 Nihon Kohden Corporation, a Tokyo-based company engaged in the manufacturing of medical equipment, has its Indian operations, under the name Nihon Kohden India.

Headquartered out of Gurgaon in India; the company has a reagent factory located in Surat. Mr. Kentarou Kusano and Anil Srivastava are the key management personel of the company. Nihon Kohden India has employed nearly 170 people. The company manufactures high-quality medical equipment of Japanese standards and is specialized in the manufacturing of patient monitors, central nursing stations, biphasic defibrillators, AEDs, ventilators, electrocardiographs, electroencephalographs, evoked EMG measuring instruments, and hematology analyzers. Medical equipment and accessories manufactured by Nihon Kohden are highly reliable, efficient,and study controls the operational cost of the equipment.

A New Approach To Diagnosis
Nihon Kohden supports patient care with its exclusive sensing technologies and algorithm-based state-of-art diagnostic equipment. The company’s products are patientcentric and designed to simplify diagnostic procedures. Conventional methods of diagnosis involve invasive procedures such as piercing the skin for obtaining blood samples, there by causing discomfort and stress to the patient. Using cutting-edge technologies, Nihon Kohden manufactures state-of-art sensor-based non-
invasive medical equipment that are gentle to the patient. Pulse Oximeter, an indispensable part of testing and monitoring equipment, was the brain child of Dr. Takuo Aoyagi, a bio-engineer with Nihon Kohden Corporation, Japan.

He pioneered the technology used in pulse oximeters. Covid-19 could not have been managed without the pulse oximeter. Born in 1936, Dr. Takuo Aoyagi graduated in electrical engineering in 1958. He was inducted into the research division of Nihon Kohden in 1971. Inspired by the words of Dr. Yashio Ogi¬no, founder of Nihon Kohden, Dr. Takuo Aoyagi worked to identify the wave form, produced by the arterial pulse, to measure and calculate SpO2 or the oxygen saturation in the blood. To date all the pulse oximeters are manufactured based on Dr.Takuo Aoyagi’s principles of pulse oximetry.

Dr. Takuo Aoyagi’s work led to a multifold reduction in death rates due to anesthesia.Takuo Aoyagi is often recognized for putting the “pulse” in pulse oximetry by using the wave form produced by the arterialpulse to measure and calculate SpO2.The inspiration behind Takuo Aayogi’s discovery in his own words was “I read a report on an interview with Dr Yashio Ogino, Founder of NihonKohden Corporation in a newspaper.

Anil K Srivastava, Director, Medical Equipment Sales & Marketing

I was deeply impressed by his words, ‘A skilled physician can treat a limited number of patients, but an excellent medical instrument can treat countless patients in the world.’ Dr. Takuo Aoyagi was honored with several awards and recognitions such as the IEEE medal for innovation in health care technology and a doctorate in Engineering from the University of Tokyo. He was awarded the prestigious Medal with Purple Ribbon by the Emperor of Japan. He died in 2020 at the age of 84 but his contribution to the healthcare industry lives forever.

Coordinated Approach
Nihon Kohden gives high priority to staff relationships.The company encourages regular interaction with and feedback from staff and subsidiaries.Innovative ideas are utilized to improve the existing products and to develop new products. The committed work force has been added to the productivity, high priority is always given to the resolution of customer complaints.

Nihon Kohden plans to develop efficient, innovative, competitive and high-quality products to meet the needs of the target market. An efficient and supportive human-machine interface is the engineering specialty of the company. The company intends to make full use of its manufacturing experience and its robust distribution network, to reach out to new and untapped markets. The company’s vision is to occupy the top slot in the medical equipment industry.