Nature's Tattva: Powering a Beauty Revolution through Unadulterated Raw Ingredients

  Karnesh Mahendru ,    Founder

Skin, the largest elementary organ of the human body is extremely porous. With the ability to absorb over 60 percent of the substances that it is subjected to, it is increasingly critical to be mindful of what we put on and into our bodies. Unfortunately, the average consumer is inundated with aggressive marketing for chemical based products that ultimately cause more harm than good to the body. Fighting the good fight against chemical based, mass produced cosmetics is Nature’s Tattva, India’s first and only Do-It-Yourself (DIY) beauty brand as claimed by the company.

“Every human being’s skin and hair type is unique to them, therefore their requirements from cosmetics is also unique. Our objective is to enable consumers to build concoctions from the best quality raw materials that would suit their specific skin and hair type,” says Karnesh Mahendru, Founder & CEO, Nature’s Tattva. Making a host of organic and quality raw ingredients available to consumers, the young firm enables consumers to formulate their own cosmetics from scratch through easy to use recipes.
Ensuring the Highest Quality Raw Ingredients
With various cosmetic recipes available online, even a layman can build natural cosmetics. However, people often do not receive the desired outcomes owing to lesser quality of raw materials used. Nature’s Tattva remedies all concerns surrounding the quality of the raw ingredients by procuring them from their very source of origin. “For instance, although prickly pear oil is available in Thar Desert, we source it from the Moroccan deserts, its original source. Similarly, all our products come from their authentic source and thus, we maintain the highest standards of quality,” explains Karnesh.

"Our objective is to enable consumers to build concoctions from the best quality raw materials that would suit their specific skin and hair type"

Ranging from basic ingredients such as multani mitti to rare materials such as bamboo charcoal powder, Nature’s Tattva carries a wide range of butters & waxes, carrier’s oils, essential oils, floral waters/hydrosols and powders & salts. Unlike other companies that dilute their products by adding water and preservatives to increase the shelf life, Nature’s Tattva only uses the products in their natural form and does not sell any formulations.

Sourcing ingredients from the very point of origin allows Nature’s Tattva to conduct micro level research to innovate upon the products. Working closely with
farmers and subject matter experts, the firm conducts simple innovations to better the quality of their products tremendously. Although a basic product used widely for skin care purposes, the multani mitti sold by Nature’s Tattava has increased the surface area of every particle, which increases its dirt pulling capacity exponentially.

Reaching & Educating Consumers
India, the land of the grandma recipes has always been inclined towards all natural DIY cosmetics. However, the average consumer today is either unaware or is misinformed about the new products flooding the market. Nature’s Tattva is on a journey to educate users about the various ways of using every ingredient. The firm that releases easy to consume video content regarding how to use ingredients once every two weeks is now working towards doubling the frequency of its video releases.

Currently available on major websites such as Flipkart, Amazon and Nykaa among others, Nature’s Tattva is planning to tie-up with eight more websites in the next two months. Additionally, the firm is targeting offline selling points such as airports to reach more consumers in the years to come. The firm is also developing unique DIY kits that will include measured ingredients along with a recipe booklet and container for the product. With a growth plan in place, Nature’s Tattva is successfully reinventing the cosmetics wheel by bringing the power back into the hands of the consumers.