MRSS India: Majestically Soaring with the Wings of Technology

Sarang Panchal, MDIt is crystal clear that archaic Market Research (MR) organizations reluctant to embrace digital intelligence will wither. Ambitious to lead their respective industries, clients across verticals are thrilled to adopt new digital tools to attain a clearer understanding of consumer preference and response. Pioneering numerous technologies akin to MR Online Community and sensory framework, MRSS India , Asia's largest full service Market Research Company, is running light years ahead of the curve as the forerunner in digital MR space.

Founded in 1992 with sheer focus on multi-country research sourced from abroad, Majestic MRSS - the parent company, decided to position the India chapter of Majestic as a digital company to surprise the subcontinent with offerings that are totally unique from conventional research firms. Having spread its wings across 31 countries including U.S., Russia, Germany, Israel & China and in 20 cities across India such as Kolkatta, Indore, Lucknow & Chennai, MRSS is soaring distinctly high with several recognitions like Market Research Award for 'Technology Innovation' in World Brand Congress 2012, to speak for it.

"We are arguably the only 'digital' research firm," says Raj Sharma, Chairman, MRSS India. As the tagline 'A Majestic MRSS Company' suggests, it has majestically mastered the art of revolutionizing MR by harnessing the digital phenomenon, though it hasn't completely boycotted the benefits
one can obtain from traditional research. Holding the largest database of mystery shoppers across Asia and Middle East, MRSS India encourages and empowers its clients to 'future-proof' their business by enabling the adoption of newer methods of data collection and interpretation in different ways.

Using implicit research methodologies, MRSS India understands the psyche of people by reading their unconscious thoughts via face analysis, voice analysis and eye tracking among similar others techniques.

Today MRSS India's brand is poised at the phase where it shares, explains and educates clients on how to use technology to provide internal stake holders with richer information and insights. Working across verticals with numerous multinational and Indian companies, the company predominantly works for most leading e-Commerce clients along with large health care and consumer goods companies. Additionally, MRSS India has a growing B2B division and an auto division that offers digital tools to address marketing issues.

Faster & Reliable Solutions

It offers a dizzying array of Qualitative and Quantitative Research Services such as customer based brand equity, pricing research, U&A studies, mystery customer service evaluation, curious mobile analysis, B2B research to name a few - both nationally and internationally. Using implicit research methodologies, MRSS India understands the psyche of people by reading their unconscious thoughts via face analysis, voice analysis and eye tracking among similar others techniques. This helps the company to ensure reliability, validity checks
and also faster turn around time by truly understanding consumer's wants, needs and preferences rather than inferring it using traditional questioning methods. Vision Critical, MRSS India's cloud-based customer intelligence platform, allows companies to build engaged secure communities of customers they can use continuously, across the enterprise, for ongoing, real-time feedback and insight.

MRSS India inculcates a very informal yet client focused approach, where its people strive to provide the best consumer understanding experience to clients. The company primarily seeks and recruits people who keep up with today's newer protocols and processes. But, that doesn't mean it doesn't love to hire people who are keen to learn.

Investing in More New Age Digital Methods

Constantly investing in newer digital tools is harder than it sounds. But for a proven brand like MRSS India, that has shown clients the advantages and the action that they can take vis-Ã -vis traditional approaches, it is not a challenge anymore. Given that many of the technologies and tools are new, MRSS India believes in approaching clients with face-to-face meetings. "While we make clients aware via traditional communication methods, I find personal meetings more effective as a marketing strategy. This also facilitates clients to see the people behind the technology," explains Sarang.

The company will continue investing time, money and effort into bringing latest MR digital tools to India. MRSS has laid out a vision to use those tools across business sectors and offer richer insights via using the implicit approach to research; thus helping its clients grow their business in a true sense of partnership. "Being the only public limited company, we look forward to raising capital in the future that that will be invested in more new age, ahead of the curve digital methods," concludes Sarang.