Mountain Herbs: Beautifying People with Handmade Natural Skin Care Products

  Regi Abraham,     Founder

Regi Abraham, Founder
In the earlier days, people used to have perfect skin & hair, and using natural ingredients for any skin requirement was their secret formula. Whilst today, the market is overwhelmed by skin care products that contain harmful chemicals, toxin and mineral oils, giving empty promises of beauty while causing long-term damage to the skin. People have started realizing the need of abiding organic skin care routine and using natural skin care products that can help the skin feel and look healthier. Offering such natural skin care products, while empowering customers to live a ‘Toxin Free’ life is Mountain Herbs, a Bangalore-based natural skin care products provider.

Nature is Supreme
Skin is the largest organ in human body, and dermal absorption is a route of exposure for toxic substances. Regi Abraham (Founder, Mountain Herbs) realized that the daily use products like dish wash,laundry wash, hair wash, soaps, and many more, are the
"What makes Mountain Herbs stand apart is its full disclosure policy, which comprises of listing all of the ingredients used on the labels of each product"

source of toxins for our body and bring harm to it. Hence, he worked hard to find formulas and develop natural skin care products using natural raw materials, which led to the establishment of Mountain Herbs. But what differentiates the company from its peer competitors are its products which are truly homemade & handmade with extensive care. They are made in small batches, giving enough time for the products to retain all the goodness of the ingredients. The company has its own manufacturing facility and leverages vendor collaboration for raw material supply. Another factor that makes Mountain Herbs stand apart is its full disclosure policy, which comprises of listing all of the ingredients used on the labels of each product, enabling customers to make an informed decision before buying it.

Mountain Herbs produces an entire range of high quality natural products like Hand Wash, Dish Wash, Laundry Wash, Hair Wash, Body Wash, Face Wash, Body Moisturizing Lotion, Multipurpose Cleaner and Soaps with three different fragrances. The handmade soaps are not only free from toxic chemicals, but also incorporate nourishing ingredients
like Coconut oil, Rice Bran oil, Castor oil, Palm oil, water, Caustic soda, Stearic acid, Epsom Salt, Vegetable Glycerine, and herbal extract mix, which are edible and are used for Ayurveda medicines. "Each natural ingredient along with a specific mix of oils brings to the table its own set advantages and benefits combining to result in a smoother, better moisturized and for more beautiful glowing skin,” states Regi. Similarly, the natural handmade hair wash, unlike any other chemical hair wash or shampoo available in the market, is made-up of plant-based oils and ingredients like curry leaf, hibiscus, amla, fenugreek and rose, which help to fight dandruff, bring luxurious hair growth, and prevents hair fall.

Mountain Herb’s products are available on its own website and can also be purchased from e-Commerce platforms like Amazon, Qtrove, The Better India, Vvegano and others. It also allows customers to avail discounts while purchasing from its website, including free shipping for all orders over Rs.750. Established in 2015, Mountain Herbs has a promising future, courtesy the love its customers have shown through amazing product ratings and reviews. With such appreciation, the company looks forward to an immense opportunity to cater to the segment of the market which is looking for a pure and natural option for skin care products.