Milap Publications: Hand-Holding Authors through Their Publishing Journey

 Yogi Suri,  Founder

Yogi Suri


Milap is a publisher of fiction and nonfiction-based books for children as well as adults in multiple languages. They are at the vanguard of the publishing industry's ever-changing transition from traditional print to media-rich digital material, resulting in fast access to worldwide audiences.

They have set a high benchmark in publishing in India and are very selective in choosing their books and authors. Milap's founder, Yogi Suri, says, “As a book publishing company, we are the gatekeepers of imagination and creativity. Our mission is to unearth hidden gems from aspiring writers and bring them into the world of literature. We're not just printing words on paper - we're creating literature that will inspire generations to come."

As the fastest-growing entity in the Indian publishing industry, Milap has been making waves lately with its innovative approach to book production and distribution. The published books are reaching readers across every corner of the country and abroad. The company's cutting-edge techniques focus on maximizing efficiency and minimizing waste in every aspect of its operations, from formatting manuscripts to printing books.

A significant trend in the publishing world is the increase in the number of indie and young writers. Here, Milap Publications has a unique offering where they offer their authors a hybrid model of ‘Guided Publishing’ to publish their books. They offer turnkey solutions and also allow rights retention.
“Milap means 'to bring together', and it was coined by my Great Grand father Mahatma Anand Swamiji when he founded the Milap Group. I am happy to say that, even after a century, this new entity of Milap Publications still reflects the original idea in its own manner, with the goal of telling those stories that bring everyone together”, says Yogi Suri, Founder, Milap Publications.

Milap Publications has been in the publishing business for over one hundred years & are continually exploring new formats, genres, & mediums to stay at the forefront of the publishing world

Milap offers e-books and audio books to cater to different preferences among readers. Their commitment to sustainable practices reflects in their approach, where they strive for minimal environmental impact by using recycled paper stocks wherever possible while maintaining excellent production standards.

Milap Publications' out-of-thebox thinking enables them to create some amazing books that surpass the expectations of the reader and author alike and helps them stay ahead of their competitors who cling to conventional methods.

Their team of experienced editors works closely with each author throughout the publishing process to ensure high-quality content, from creation through editing and design stages all the way up to marketing efforts ensuring a successful launch of each new publication. Building strong relationships has been important to Milap's growth journey.

Creating Opportunities for Young Writers
Milap Publications publishes 30-50 of the best submissions each year and that brings genuine affirmation to young writers, photographers, and artists. Most are between the ages of 13 to 19 (the ones even younger require parental permission). The young author has to write a 300-350 word synopsis of the book and a short note about themselves (100-150 words). It is vital that all submitted work is original and has never been published before, even in an online space. If any help is needed, Milap has a list of Book Doctors who can guide the young author across any hurdles.

"Our mission is to be a publisher of high-quality books for children and young adults. We want to publish books that make a difference and add value to people's lives as well as bring them together", concludes Yogi.