Microtek: The Pioneers of Power Backup Realm with a Robust Infrastructural Network

Subodh Gupta,Chairman & CMD

Subodh Gupta

Chairman & CMD

India has historically been a big buyer of power backup products due to frequent power outages. The rapid pace of urbanization and digitalization has accelerated the deployment of UPS and inverter systems across industries. According to research, India's power backup market is forecasted to increase to INR 504.66 billion by 2023, with a CAGR of 11.28 percent during 2018-2023. Mirroring the growth of an evolving market since 1986, Microtek stands tall as an epitome in the space with its ability to manufacture reliable and cutting-edge technology-enhanced products that are well accepted and appreciated by household consumers and the industrial sector globally. The Delhi-based company's business portfolio includes power backup solutions, solar products, voltage stabilizers, electrical products, e-rickshaw chargers, surge & lightning protection devices, and healthcare products under the Make in India campaign and Atmanirbhar Bharat. Microtek is the pioneer in India's power backup market for the last 3.5 decades with a robust infrastructural network. The company is the most popular brand and the largest producer, with 120 million+ people satisfied with its goods, services, and smiling globally. "Our vision is to offer innovative products and services
to enrich our customer's quality of life while carrying the mission to ensure sustainability in our global operations, establishing a learning environment, and delivering the best value to our customers. We are a socially,

economically, and environmentally responsible company. We have sales support and force covering every Indian state, as well as a global presence spanning five continents and 21 countries," proclaims Subodh Gupta, Chairman & MD, Microtek.

Feathers in its Cap
Microtek has undertaken several prestigious government projects, including the Kumbh Mela, ITDA Dehradun SWAN 2.0, Bareilly Smart City, and more. The company forayed into the healthcare industry a year ago, establishing a manufacturing plant in Baddi, equipped with cutting edge technology for manufacturing thermometers, oximeter, BP machines, oxygen concentrators, and more. Microtek also met the Bihar Health Department's urgent request for 50,000 thermometers in three days for the Bihar State Election 2020. The company has received orders to manufacture and supply 8,000 oxygen concentrators from ONGC under the PM care initiative. In its product offering, Microtek lately included an oxygen concentrator called ‘Oxyflow’ with three models 10M, 10E, and 10S. The company's products are created with the latest technology and features, making them competitive with all major worldwide brands. Microtek is making them available at an affordable price to serve the nation in the Pandemic situation of COVID 19.

Microtek has undertaken several prestigious government projects, including the KumbhMela, ITDA Dehradun SWAN 2.0, Bareilly Smart City, and more

Implementing a Strict Quality Control System
All Microtek products undergo strict quality checks regarding pre and post manufacturing processes that comply with the international organization for standardization. The company executes quality inspections and testing from the procurement of raw materials through the production of finished goods. Apart from robust manufacturing models and implementing cutting-edge technologies in its product offering, Microtek strongly believes in after sales support and consumer satisfaction. The company covers India through its onsite service visits with a track record of closing 80 percent of its service calls within the first 24 hours, followed by the closure of the rest within 72 hours. Microtek's 550+ service points and 1200 highly trained and skilled personnel aids in making an unmatched service network and keeps the count of customer's smiles increasing constantly. The company has all the necessary ISO, CE, ROHS, ISI, and other compliances and certifications to operate globally. Climbing the success ladder with a turnover of 1400-crore last year, Microtek aims to surpass the 3000-crore milestone this year.