Meraki Essentials: Aromatic Alchemy For Mind, Body, & Soul

 Shishir, Shobha, Shubhra,    Co-foundersIn a world constantly seeking balance and well-being, wherein many of us seek a more holistic approach to health and self-care, Meraki Essentials offers a natural pathway to rejuvenation and harmony for the mind, body, and soul. With a focus on purity, sustainability, and the therapeutic benefits of pure essential oils, Meraki Essentials has become a go-to choice for those seeking to enhance their lives through the power of nature's essences. Originating in Delhi in 2016, Meraki Essentials is a family owned aromatherapist-run venture driven by a profound affinity for nature and a passion for alternative and holistic medicine. Co-founded by the visionary Chaturvedi trio (Shishir, Shobha, and Shubhra), the firm embodies the Greek term 'Meraki,' signifying the infusion of creativity, effort, and boundless love into each endeavour. Managing both the Meraki Essentials and Ajneya Naturals brands, the founders ardently champion an extensive array of offerings, including essential oils, carrier oils, artisanal soaps infused with hand blended essential oils, and beeswax candles.

Over 25 years of relationship with essential oils, exporting to many countries, attending international essential oil conferences, and building relationships in the essential oil world across the globe, Shishir Chaturvedi realized that although almost a quarter of the world's essential oils come from India, not even 2 percent of India's population knows about the benefits that can be reaped utilizing essential oils. With this discovery, the urge to start this venture began. In a casual conversation to launch this venture, he toyed with the idea with his family for helping him set up the business. His wife & daughter agreed instantly. It has been seven years since then, and the journey continues. While Shishir focuses on sourcing the finest-quality essential oils for discerning customers, Shobha has a secure awareness of wellness and spiritual principles and believe in age-old naturopathic herbal remedies. The daughter, Shubhra Chaturvedi, a certified essential oil specialist (International Association of Aromatherapists), a trained yoga teacher, & a breathwork trainer, continues to pursue her journey in holistic wellness.

“Since ancient times, essential oils have been used in Indian medicine, with plants and flowers used for extraction. Big corporations often seek recipes that fit everyone to maximize volume. But we believe each individual is wired differently and entitled to work out what's best for them. For us, what is of utmost importance is making customers happy by spreading the goodness & benefits of essential oils and bringing the purest essential oils to the customer because only pure essential oils will give the kind of benefit they are supposed to, which is further backed by the consistency in what we say and do today and always”, says Shishir.

"We only offer such products to the customer that we, as a family of three generations, can use ourselves, which is the guiding principle behind every endeavor of Meraki Essentials. What matters is that we would do what we believe in, and the journey has to be beautiful”, says Shobha.

Nurturing Well-being
Pure essential oils encompass a vast spectrum of potential benefits, from emotional equilibrium, mood enhancement, prayer and meditation aids, bodily and muscular relief, skin care, digestive health,
and yoga practice to chakra alignment and ambiance creation in homes or workplaces. Furthermore, these oils can elevate moods. The pivotal factor, however, lies in the selection of genuinely pure and natural essential oils; synthetic alternatives cannot replicate the effects. Equally vital is the knowledge of proper application, requiring research or consultation with an informed source.

This is where Meraki Essentials offers an assortment of 100 percent Pure Essential Oils and unfailingly extends guidance on customers' wellness journeys. Their commitment to enhancing well-being through the potency of essential oils, coupled with an unwavering dedication to pristine, top-tier quality oils, guarantees that patrons experience the unadulterated essence and benefits of nature's botanical treasures, a distinction that sets them apart. Whether one seeks emotional equilibrium, physical rejuvenation, or an all-encompassing approach to self-care, Meraki Essentials' comprehensive collection of essential oils provides the support required.

“When clients reach out to us with queries, we delve into meticulous research and tap into the insights of practicing aroma therapists worldwide. This collaborative approach aids our community, with 9 out of 10 customers finding relief. Our ultimate joy lies in this. Further, noteworthy members of the holistic health fraternity, along with esteemed wellness experts, mental health professionals, nutritionists, and yoga and breathwork facilitators, repose unwavering trust in the authenticity of our essential oils, extensively incorporating them into their practices”, affirms Shubhra.

The diffusion of pure essential oils purifies the air and instills a serene atmosphere within homes or workspaces. When applied topically (with proper dilution), essential oil offers respite from ailments such as headaches, muscular tension, skin disorders, bloating, digestive discomfort, hair concerns, and a myriad of other issues. The captivating fragrances of pure essential oils contribute to their surging popularity. Meraki Essential Oils boasts an eclectic range of these fragrant and unadulterated essential oils, each bearing distinctive attributes and benefits. Lavender, renowned for its calming properties, soothes the mind and induces relaxation. The invigorating zest of citrus oils - Lemon, Bergamot, Orange, Grapefruit, and Petitgrain - rejuvenates and uplifts the spirit. Eucalyptus, fresh aroma, serves as a stalwart in respiratory support. Cedarwood and Vetiver, exuding warm, woody, earthy notes, evoke inner tranquility. Meanwhile, the delicate floral bouquet of pure roses encapsulates romance in its purest form.

A tribe of good souls appreciates Meraki Essentials' efforts, and this tribe is growing. The growth this growing tribe is giving pushes Meraki Essentials to go beyond the ordinary in making customers happy

In addition, the repertoire encompasses an array of carrier oils, including Sweet almond, Apricot, Walnut, Jojoba (both golden and clear), and Grapeseed, catering to diverse skin types. Meraki Essentials crafts exquisite, non-toxic candles meticulously infused with 100 percent beeswax and blended with pure essential oils. Adding to their offerings, the nascent brand Ajneya Naturals presents handmade natural soaps, curated with unadulterated ingredients and enriched with handcrafted essential oil blends. Premium essential oils of Jasmine, Rose, and Chamomile also graces the Ajneya Naturals line.

Meraki Essentials products are reaching the farthest corners of the country through word-of-mouth publicity from actual users who benefit from their essential oils. “We are 100 percent financed internally and under no pressure to push sales that may affect the quality of the product or our ethos. Each product is tested and reviewed with the guiding principle that if we can use it, then it is offered to the customer”, says Shishir.

Lastly, in a quest for relaxation, rejuvenation, or immersion in the purest scents nature offers, Meraki Essentials has something to offer for a natural and holistic approach to well-being. Their pure essential oils and all other products are available on their website, at some well known holistic stores like Nature Soul (Delhi), The Roots (Delhi), Holistic Basket(Kolkata) & Saukhyam (Goa) and at e-marketplaces like Amazon, Tatacliq, Amala earth and You care lifestyle.