Medtech Life: Redefining The Indian Medical Device Industry Through Continuous Innovation

Rajnikant Shah, Chairman,Yogesh Shah, Managing Director

Rajnikant Shah, Chairman

Yogesh Shah, Managing Director

The infusion of technology has been helping the ever-evolving health care industry by simplifying the procedures as well as finding cures for previously incurable diseases. One of the major parts of this evolution is the introduction of medical devices in healthcare. When it comes to medical devices, previously India used to import a lot of these devices from outside resulting in higher cost with lower accessibility.

With the motive to provide affordable as well as advanced medical devices for the masses, that are manufactured in India, Rajnikant Shah and Yogesh Shah founded Medtech Life in 2002. Medtech Life is a medical technology company developing and manufacturing a wide range of medical devices and equipment that offer superior protection, accuracy and performance. The firm’s in-house Research and Development is even recognized by the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research Government of India.

High-Quality At An Affordable Range
Medtech offers various medical devices such as Nebulizers, Oxygen concentrators, Blood pressure meters, Steam inhalers in their flagship. The organization’s continuous effort on innovation as well as manufacturing in India helps it offer higher quality products at an affordable price as compared to its competitors. Medtech is the first organization to mass manufacture compressor Nebulizers in India. The nebulizers developed by Medtech are, therefore cost-effective as compared to their competitors and also function effectively in the wide voltage range seen in India without any issue.
While the price of nebulizers used to be around 5000 in the market previously, Medtech’s locally manufactured advanced nebulizer brought down the cost to less than 2500. A prime result of Medtech’s years of R&D is the Medtech Oxygen Concentrator which can be operated in any indoor space without air conditioning.

Another feather in the MEDTECH cap is the steam inhalers, usual steam inhalers sold in the Indian market have poor design qualities with the risk of hot water spillage, the steam inhalers at Medtech have a safety locking mechanism as well as a double-wall design that helps in avoiding unwanted water spillage as well as a safe cool to touch holding experience. Nowadays, many of the organizations are copying Medtech’s designs to develop steam inhalers.

Providing Effective Aftersales Support
Usually, customers face a lot of issues in getting aftersales service. To provide the customer a 360degree wholesome product experience, Medtech provides after-sales support in two ways. The organization creates videos about the product's usability and maintenance and uploads them on social media as well as directly to clients through WhatsApp or email to spread usability awareness about the products.

The organization’s continuous effort on innovation as well as manufacturing in India helps it offer higher quality products at an affordable price as compared to its competitors

The firm also has a dedicated customer helpline where trained staff are there to resolve customers’ queries regarding the products. The helpline number is available on all of the Medtech products. In case, the issue is not resolved either by the videos posted or through the helpline, Medtech provides first in INDIA doorstep service to its customers. The customer has only to scan the QR code available on the device or boxes and fill in some details, and then the MEDTECH team arranges for the product pick up from the customer’s home to the service center and after repairing, returns it at no cost to the customer.

Coming to the future roadmaps, the organization aspires to be the leading company and the brand of choice for all kinds of home health care needs of a customer. The organization also dreams of making healthcare accessible to more people and is also socially responsible for generating employment & revenue in India. The organization is also planning to enter new fields of healthcare with the same vision to provide affordable and innovative healthcare facilities.

Medtech is expanding production and has established brand new 1,50,000 square feet greenfield manufacturing space in Gujarat. The organization also has plans to do an IPO in a few years.