Meatington: Crafting Culinary Delights from Tradition to Innovation

Neeta Malik,Founding Partner

Neeta Malik

Founding Partner

In the quest for exceptional, thrilling, and distinctive culinary delights to savor, one faces the common challenge of discovering truly remarkable options. Motivated by this realization, Meatington embarked on a journey to develop an array of vegetarian and non-vegetarian frozen products some of which are unique. The brand's commitment to excellence is evident in the fact that each product is crafted for its unique flavor and laboratory-certified for nutritional excellence. At Meatington, every bite is an invitation to 'Savour the Flavour,' offering food tailored for every mood as the kebabs evoke nostalgia and inspire unwavering loyalty among fine cuisine enthusiasts.

Founded by siblings Neeta and Ashutosh Malik, Meatington is a family-run business with a two-year presence in the market. Headquartered in Gurugram, the brand operates in Delhi NCR, providing B2C services through online ordering and delivery and is available in several retail Modern Trade chains and General Trade stores. The company has expanded its reach to Chandigarh, Amritsar, Jammu and several cities in UP and Uttarakhand, prioritizing the delivery of quality products to consumers.

Elevates Culinary Experience
Meatington initiated a business venture focusing on frozen snacks under two brands – Grab A Green for vegetarian options and Meatington for non-vegetarian choices. Presently, the product line comprises 40 SKUs, evenly split between vegetarian and non-vegetarian offerings, with some products being particularly distinctive.
Meatington is dedicated to providing high-quality products that customers can confidently share with their families. The range includes both cook-and-eat and heat-and-eat options, offering convenience without compromising nutrition and taste. And takes pride in the simplicity of cooking instructions—just place the frozen product in a deep fryer, air fryer, or microwave. The products, devoid of added oils, remain fresh and healthy, allowing customers to control the choice of oil used in preparation.

"Our product quality hinges on taste as crucial factor where content plays a vital role. In our chicken seekh kebab, we outperform competitors, using up to 75 percent chicken compared to the standard 60 to 65 percent. This elevated chicken content ensures an authentic flavor. Meanwhile, our vegetarian line, featuring specialities like broccoli corn kebab, and mushroom galouti, sets us apart, giving us a unique market advantage without direct competition", noted Neeta Malik, Founding Partner.

Nevertheless, the manufacturing process for frozen products involves formulating recipes, initially developed in collaboration with chefs and later refined for mass production. The recipes have undergone evolution to ensure that anyone in the kitchen can follow them, eliminating the need for a skilled chef. The entire production is mechanized to ensure consistency and unwavering quality. These sealed recipes prevent any alterations or compromises in the manufacturing process. The refinement process includes tastings by a dedicated team before finalizing and introducing the recipes to the market.

Moreover, Meatington currently operates a B2C website and app, with plans to transition into a B2B model in the future. The brand demonstrates a robust commitment to technological advancement, efficiently managing city-wise sales and distribution channels through an ERP system. "Monthly technology upgrades align with industry standards, and an ongoing website overhaul is anticipated to conclude soon. In terms of production, Meatington boasts well-equipped machinery, incorporating the latest blast freezing technology and maintaining cold storage facilities, ensuring stability and efficient operations", adds Neeta.

Ergo Meatington is witnessing a surge in demand from standalone restaurants and pubs and redirecting its focus to retail and HoReCa channels, acknowledging the growth potential in the frozen food industry. The brand aims to secure a significant market position shortly, gaining recognition and interest from various regions. Meatington is poised to establish a nationwide presence in India soon and has aspirations to expand into the export market. Optimism surrounds Meatington, suggesting a promising growth trajectory and the potential for achieving milestones sooner than expected.