Lotus Pens: Experience the Art of Good Writing

Lokesh Krishnan ,   Founder & CEO

Lokesh Krishnan

Founder & CEO

Due to rising brand awareness and elite people's preference for owning and using luxury pens, the demand for luxury pens has been rising over the past year. The most popular variants of these high-end luxury pens are fountain pens, which come in special editions, standard pens, and limited editions. Increasing consumer brand awareness and high disposable income are two key trends propelling the luxury pen market and one of the promising trends that will support the market's expansion during the anticipated period is the expansion of the online retail space globally. During the forecast period, 2022 to 2026, the market for fountain pens is expected to grow at a significant CAGR.

Arun Singhi, who relaunched his career at the age of 64 and enjoys creating pens, founded the business after retiring. His love for pens is the reason why Lotus Pens exist today. Over the past five decades, he has worked in this field, but he has never felt mentally satisfied by his work and has always felt unfinished. 2015 marked the beginning of the desire to create something from scratch. Each fountain pen is made entirely by hand,
with the finest materials, and a complete commitment to providing what the customer wants. Due to its use of premium materials and crafts manship, Indian fountain pen manufacturer Lotus Pens has quickly gained recognition and respect worldwide.

We use the best materials & completely believe in providing what our customers are looking for with each fountain pen, which is made entirely by hand

The Lotus Pen Company first produced painted pens before branching out to metal pens and, most recently, Ebonite fountain pens. The company only uses materials of the highest caliber and has painting expertise. In 2015, the business received its first order for 5 Ganesha Hand Painted Roller Metal Pens. The Lotus Shikhar, Lotus Blue Wave Mesa Pen, Lotus Grand Mesa Pen, Lotus Dodeca, Lotus Anglular, Lotus Vikrant, Lotus Corinthian, Lotus Everest, Lotus Kanchenjunga, Lotus Tiranga in Shikhar, and Custom Pens are some of its best selling products and the client feedback has been positive overall.

In recent years, Lotus Pens has consistently produced writing instruments that are dependable and useful for people, growing to be a well-known brand with a reputation all over the world. In 2017, the company hardly ever produced more than four or five pens; today, it produces 150–200 pens each month. Lotus Pens has had a very successful journey since its inception, and today it can boast that it exports fountain pens to 80 different nations. The business is also doing well in both b2b and b2c.

According to the growing demand for fountain pens, the company plans to increase production in the future. Lotus is making every effort to do so while also implementing new technology. Going forward, the company will be manufacturing its in-house nib technology, which is being imported from Germany, within the next two years. "I was able to perform well because I had daily interactions with fountain pen experts and learned from them. Even though I still have a ways to go, I am determined to learn something new every day and eventually reach the top”, concludes Arun Singhi, Founder and Director at Lotus Pens.