Live101: A Premier Live Artist Booking Platform

Sachin Bhandari,   FounderThe media and entertainment industry in India is going through a transformation mainly driven by the increasing demand for entertainment experiences. As the sector embraces technologies, companies that excel in providing exceptional experiences are set to thrive in this dynamic and fast-changing environment catering to both Business to Business (B2B) and Business to Consumer (B2C) markets. The challenges faced by the media and entertainment industry in India include competition evolving consumer tastes, regulatory complexities, and the necessity to adapt swiftly to changing technological landscapes.

Live101, a leading live artist booking platform, revolutionizes the entertainment industry by connecting users with top-tier artists for events. Founded under UMW Tech Solutions, Live101 embarked on a mission to 'Book Your Live Artist In One Click'and renewed the live entertainment booking landscape by connecting a diverse range of talented artists with various occasions. With its user-friendly platform, transparent booking processes, and commitment to delivering exceptional experiences, the company stands out as the future of live entertainment in India.

Spearheaded by Founders Sachin Bhandari and Ashish Bhandari, with support from Promoters Meet Bros and Director Sunil Sahjwani, the company swiftly evolved into India’s leading live artist booking platform. The company, boasting a network of 10,000+ artists across 16+ categories in 28+ cities of India, has become synonymous with top-tier live performances. Live101's journey has
been marked by remarkable growth, witnessing consistent revenue increases and client acquisitions across diverse sectors because of the ‘Safe, Sound, Secure’ booking process with over 20,000 hours of live performances and 13,000 successful gigs. “Our major milestones include collaborations with renowned brands such as Reliance, McDonald's, Audi, and Google, solidifying Live101 as a trusted partner for delivering exceptional live experiences. The platform's geographical expansion to 28+ cities brings forth our commitment to providing unparalleled access to live entertainment across India”, Sunil Sahjwani, Director.

Gateway to Exceptional Entertainment

Live101 offers a comprehensive range of services designed to cater to the diverse needs of both artists and users with an agenda of ‘Best Artist Best Rate’. From singers, music bands & DJs to stand-up comedians, dancers, magicians & motivational speakers, the company caters to a variety of events, including house parties, weddings, private events, corporate functions, and virtual gatherings. The platform ensures quality and affordability through verified and auditioned artists, transparent bookings, realtime tracking, and multiple budget-friendly options. For artists, the firm provides a significant platform for exposure, recurring business opportunities, promotions, marketing support, and ongoing tech assistance, fostering their growth and success in the music industry.

Live101 is India's premier live artist booking platform, connecting users with live artists for memorable occasions & experiences

The firm stands out in the live entertainment booking market through its unique combination of competitive rates, exceptional artist quality, and a diverse array of categories, ‘Anytime, Anywhere, Any Budget’. The platform's flexible booking options, including last-minute backup and budget-friendly choices, provide unparalleled convenience for users. “Live101's commitment to promoting partner businesses, offering artists on payroll, and facilitating recurring clientele engagement further solidifies its position as a preferred choice for cafes, restaurants, and various businesses seeking top-notch live entertainment”, adds Live101’s Founder, Sachin Bhandari.

Live101's future roadmap is centered on expanding its reach, enhancing user experiences, and fostering stronger partnerships. The company aims to broaden its presence, extending its services to more cities across India. Additionally, the company plans to invest in AI to streamline booking processes and improve customer engagement by continuously innovating and evolving. The company is committed to maintaining its position as a market leader while shaping the future of live entertainment booking.