Kwik Metal Industries: Re-discover Your Love For Cooking

The kitchen is the `heart' of every household, restaurant, and hotel. It's often filled with conversations, emits love, and reflects the different `characters' that live in a house based on the `food choices'. It is hence crucial that every item placed in a kitchen is made with `perfection'. Ahmedabad-based Kwik Metal industries understand the role that kitchen and its components has in everyone's life and therefore manufactures a quality range of kitchen cookwares including all types of pressure cookers, Idli makers, khaman Patra cooker, rice cooker and many more. The company was established in July 1970 and started manufacturing Pressure Cooker in December 1970. "Our products come with assured quality and safety because we believe in your safety first," says Vivek Shah, Proprietor at Kwik Metal Industries.

Industry giants such as Reliance, Amul, Havmor, and many more have used the products manufactured by the company

First And Only Manufacturers Of 200 Liter PresSure Cooker In India
With the guidance of some industrialists who had vast experience in this field, the company initially started the production of pressure cookers within the range of 3 liters to 11 Liter. In the initial days of production, Kwik Metal Industries started manufacturing milk boilers and idli stands in different sizes from the range of 3 plates to 10 plates. By 1972, the company then moved on and started the production of mid-sized 11, 13.5, 16.5, 18 Liter capacity pressure cookers for
households with more members, Restaurants, Dhaba, Hospitals, etc. Then, in 1980, the company decided to take another step in domestic Aluminium utensils by manufacturing 20 to 60-liter aluminum pressure cookers in the brand name of “KWITEX” and also by manufacturing products for Dairy Udyog and textile parts like card cane.

Vivek Shah,Proprietor

Further, in 1990 the company then started the production of Aluminium Pressure Cooker having the sizes 75 and 83 liters and put it on the market. "We got a good response and started getting orders regularly," adds Vivek. With this cooker, one can cook food for at least 700 to 800 persons. The company also received help from Gujarat Energy Development Authority (GEDA) to manufacture the pressure cookers. Finally, by the year 2010, the company's journey evolved further and it started the production of 108 and 160-liter pressure cookers. These cookers can be used for cooking food for at least 1000 to 1200 persons in 108 liters and in 160-liter pressure cookers 1500 to 1600 persons.

Kwik Metal Industries then became the first and only manufacturers of 160 Liter pressure cookers in India. Industry giants such as Reliance, Amul, Havmor, and many more have used the products manufactured by the company. Its products have also been certified and ensure the safety of its users. Clients can get their hands on the amazing products manufactured by Kwik Metal Industries via eCommerce websites such as Amazon and Flipkart. Every product at Kwik Metal Industries has been made keeping in mind the durability. Going forward too, the company hopes to continually deliver and manufacture quality-backed kitchenware for the kitchens in India. "We hope to upgrade, meet the growing consumer demands and re-imagine cooking in India," concludes Vivek.