Kryolan: Giving You the 'New-Me' Touch & Look through the Science of Make-Up

Madhivanan Ramaswamy,  CEO,Wolfram Langer, Company Director

Madhivanan Ramaswamy, CEO

During the Second World War – the demand for theatre and entertainment in Europe was growing and becoming popular, helping to alleviate the mental trauma of the tragic events that were unfolding for the people. In this ensuing need for perfect make-up palettes for artists in Berlin’s theatres in 1945, Kryolan was launched as a cosmetic brand under the headship of (Late) Arnold Langer.

Since then, Kryolan has been serving the film, theatre and television industries poised as the most trusted first-choice among top-beauty/makeup artists, salon experts and consumers. Successfully pacing the global market under three generations, Kryolan is one of the world’s first professional make-up brands that idealizes ‘Makeup-as-a-Science’. Every Kryolan product is developed in-house, innovated and produced with the highest-quality based on thorough research, resulting in an extensive range of over 18,000 variations in make-up and accessories.
Offering concealers, foundations, eye-shadows and over 700 shades of lipsticks, Kryolan has something to match every skin tone globally bringing-in a flawless, natural and lively radiance that makes it comfortable for daily use. With a color-continuity guarantee, Kryolan affirms that the same looks can be re-created on a repeated basis, thus throwing-out a tough competition to its peers within the industry. For those who wish to explore, a tailor-made kit with exclusive primer, concealer, color-range and make-up brushes are provided with an education tour on self-application to highlight the desired look. Most times, Kryolan audiences prefer the brand over others as a result of flaunting the ‘new me look’ emanating out of the products usage that are created based on the science of make-up.
"We are now coming up with a new digital era product line with high exceptional quality and color true output bearing in the definition enhancement in digital media"

Globalization& Innovation holds Key
Striding on lines of dedication to uplift and precisely meet professional needs, Kryolan sources and utilizes materials of the highest purity to bring-in a life-like finish, matching global requirements and surpassing customer expectations. Moreover, besides facing challenging issues of pigmentation, under eye blemish and aging appearances, the company in association with its ECARF (European Centre for Allergy Research Foundation)
tackles even various skin anomalies & tattoo-impressions via its exclusive certified derma-color camouflage system. The system poses a water-proof solution that is recommended by dermatologists while color science and light spectrum is employed to select complementary hues, tones and shades, striking an accurate balance in every finish.

Kryolan surges competition and strives to outshine self-standards, hence always stays on the look for innovation and upgrades. With its state-of-the-art R&D center, the company introduces products in-sync with current trends, also ensuring that its make-up artists stay paced with the constantly evolving seasonal shifts. Providing exhaustive training to its experts under shades of competitive analysis, forecasting, trend-shift pattern and continuous flow of products, Kryolan aims to quench the exploratory mind-sets of its customers. Lastly, with innovation playing prime focus since inception, Kryolan's CEO Madhivanan Ramaswamy states, “Innovation has been an important focus of our company since the beginning. We are now coming-up with a new digital era product line with high exceptional quality and color true output bearing in the definition enhancement in digital media. It will be one-of-its-kind, meeting high-resolution industrial needs, be it an ultra-high resolution film capture technology or high bit depth photography. There is no limitation since innovative ingredients play key to our development”.