Kozynap:Perfect Mattresses For a Restful Sleep

 Chinmoy Mallick, Founder, Sandeep Sanyal, Founder,    Rajesh Singhal, FounderSleep is a gift of nature to human beings. Lack of sleep can be related to several lifestyle diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, obesity, sleep apnea, and heart ailment. Sleep deprivation and disruption can occur due to various reasons which includes psychosocial conditions such as anxiety and worry, environmental conditions such excessive noise, light or improper sleeping surface. Improper rest can aggravate chronic pain conditions. Accidents due to drowsy driving is becoming another big problem due to lack of proper sleep.

A good night's sleep can improve memory, reduce weight, improve metabolism, reduce stress, and create hormonal balance, thus relaxing and rejuvenating the body. It is important to have a comfortable mattress for a good night's sleep. The average person spends nearly a third of his/her life sleeping but rarely pays attention to the mattress being used.

It is common for people to suffer from problems related to lack of sleep due to ignorance about the importance of using the right type of mattress as well as lack of awareness when choosing the right product. However, premium mattresses have become increasingly popular as a result of the increasing incidence of sleep-related problems. Scientifically designed premium brands are designed with the benefits of the users in mind. Kozynap mattresses, manufactured by Kradle Store Pvt. Ltd. is a premium brand designed to provide the user with utmost comfort and customized as per individual’s body type, Life style thus ensuring optimum support while sleeping. This helps in prevention of chronic pain and good sleep.

Pooling Expertise for Better Results
KOZYNAP mattress brand is an outcome of rich experience of three seasoned professionals - Rajesh Singhal, Chinmoy Mallick and Sandeep Sanyal. Rajesh and Chinmoy are from Investment Banking background and they have an eye for sectors which have high growth potential. Both of them along with Sandeep Sanyal believe that Sleep Industry which is currently at inflexion point and will see a high growth. The idea of KOZYNAP brand firmed in a series of brainstorming sessions during lockdown with Sandeep Sanyal, who is a very known and leading name in Sleep Products industry.

Rajesh Singhal is an engineering graduate with executive MBA from the Indian Institute of Management Kolkata. With a rich experience of 25 years in reputed companies such as Tata Motors, Times Group, and SREI, he is an experienced management professional. Rajesh Singhal is specialized in channel networking, market research,product development, and product management. Rajesh Singhal has made a significant contribution toward the development of a realistic roadmap for the organization. His vision and leadership have positively impacted the progress of Kozynap.

Chinmoy Mallick, co-founder, holds a degree in Integrated M.Sc from IIT Kharagpur and a management degree from IIM Lucknow. Chinmoy Mallick is not only technologically proficient but also specialized in financial management. His professional experience includes his association with industry giants such as Goldman Sachs, Infosys, Times Group, and OYO Japan. His knowledge of scaling up operations is an asset to the growth of Kozynap.

Sandeep Sanyal is an engineer with an M.Sc. degree in information technology. After serving the World Bank for 8 years, Sandeep Sanyal entered the business of manufacturing sleep products. He has developed several innovative products for the industry and also has a deep understanding of the sleep products industry. Sandeep Sanyal’s decade-long experience in the sleep products industry, his firsthand knowledge of the raw materials used, systems and practices applied and quality standards, have been of immense help in ensuring the highest standards of quality in Kozynap products.

The founders, with their specialized knowledge, have joined hands to address a basic necessity of human beings – Sleep.
Customer-focused Product Development
Kozynap’s range of products comprises mattresses, mattress protectors and toppers, pillows, comforters, cushions, and bolsters. Kozynap specialize in making customized Mattresses wherein customization is done considering factors such as age, body type, ailments, lifestyle, budget of an individual. Most popular range of Kozynap mattress includes Pure Natural Latex mattress and Orthopedic mattress for which design patent has been filed. Various raw materials which are used in mattress manufacturing such as jacquard fabric, natural latex, uncompressible rebonded foam HD Coir, HR foam, HD foam have various benefits and uses and the layering requirement differs from one individual to another. Kozynap’s focus is on health-conscious people. Ripple orthopedic mattress is an exclusive product of Kozynap. It has an anti-sagging rebounded foam layer and is specially designed for providing spinal support. It provides firm body support and good for people having back pain. The product is in the process of being patented. Both ripple and latex products are good for the spine and are anti-microbial.

Kozynap, discuss and understand the clients’ needs and give them a feel of the products, before recommending a purchase

Kozynap products are the outcome of decades of experience, research, and input from experts. They are manufactured with special attention to quality at every stage of the process. Extreme caution is taken even during manufacturing, packing, transport, and delivery. The configuration of the mattresses is checked and rechecked to ensure that they are as per the customer’s specifications. Kozynap offers the best customer support and value-for-money products. The rich experience of Kozynap’s team has helped formulate quality-oriented policies. Customer satisfaction is primary to Kozynap and the company’s tagline is “Good Sleep, Great Health”.

Kozynap believes in selling products in tune with the needs of the customers and not merely for augmenting sales figures. The majority of customers are unaware of the importance of using the right mattress. They find it difficult to choose the appropriate product since several factors such as firmness, feel, layering, and height are to be assessed before purchase. Mattress experts, at Kozynap, discuss and understand the clients’ needs and give them a feel of the products, before recommending a purchase. The consultative approach eliminates the risk of clients getting stuck with redundant or suboptimal products.

Customer-centric Marketing Strategy
Kozynap’s products can be bought both online and offline. The company provides customers with the advantage of deferred payments for purchases. Mattress is a very personalized product and in the absence of touch and feel experience, an on-line purchase may result into post purchase dissatisfaction. In the majority of the cases, the husband-and-wife team are the decision-makers and a joint visit to an outlet may be difficult. Furthermore, retail outlets may not provide the right atmospher and consultative approach in case of offline purchases. Kozynap’s unique selling proposition makes offline purchases a special experience. Kozynap’s sales team helps customers try and experience different combinations of the product in the comfort of their homes before finalizing the purchase. Once the selection is finalized, the sales team checks the size and design of the client’s cot before delivering the most appropriate mattress. This need-based, customer-centric approach is the unique selling proposition of the company. It overcomes the deficiencies of both online and offline systems. In addition, the company has introduced a unique process called “Make Your Own Mattress” where the user can use permutations and combinations of mattresses to design a customized mattress depending on his/her budget and preference.

Accreditations – An Assurance of Quality
Kozynap unfailingly adheres to all regulatory compliances. The company is ISO 9001, 14001, and 45001 certified and the natural latex used by the company is OEKO and ECO certified.

The Future Ahead
The mattress industry has huge potential in India. The population of India exceeds 140 crores and the mattresses market is valued at around Rs.22000 crores while thepopulation of the United States is 38 crores and the industry is valued at around Rs 2.20 lac crores. Rising incomes and health consciousness are likely to have a positive impact on the mattresses business in India. Currently , about three-fourth of the Indian mattress market is controlled by the unorganized sector. Consumers now give greater preference to comfort and functionality over prices, not just in the metros but even in small towns. Residential, healthcare, and hospitality sectors are the major consumers of the product and they are gradually moving towards branded products.

The organized mattress market, in India, has been growing at a CAGR of around 11% during the last five years. With normalcy returning to markets, increased adoption of technology, and a greater focus on customization, the mattress market is likely to grow at a much higher rate in the future. Kozynap has a well-developed network of partners and distributors. In the face of competition from industry giants, Kozynap is confident in expanding its market share. The company plans to introduce innovative strategies while maintaining quality. Creating awareness among the consumers, motivating the stakeholders, and maintaining the business profitable and sustainable are the important goals of the company. Kozynap hopes to provide an enhanced sleep experience to its customers.