Kameswari Jewellers: A New ERA of Purchasing Exquisite Indian Gold & Diamond Jewellery in a Global Market in High Value Product E-Commerce

Pavan Perla,Managing Partner

Pavan Perla

Managing Partner

Fashion trends are ever evolving and ever revolving, but jewelry steadfastly remains an accessory among women. Nothing can add oomph to an outfit like jewelry. It is also a perfect way to express your self. Jewelry revolutionizes the way your outfit works. Whether you wear a simple necklace, subtle stud earrings, a statement bracelet, or an expensive ring, your jewelry choice has the power to transform your style into a whole new concept. Also, gemstones are no longer just adornments they are pieces of art. Jewelry is undoubtedly a crucial aspect of fashion. As per the forecasts, the market size of the Indian jewelry industry is poised to grow by $103.06 billion by 2023. Among major Indian jewelry companies who have been instrumental in offering a whole new experience, Kameswari Jewellers one of India's top trustworthy jewelry brands is a name worth mentioning.

Established in 1994, the brand offers precious jewelry for every occasion for every jewelry lover. The Visakhapatnam based store features a plethora of products in Indian fine jewelry. It also specializes in Indian bridal jewelry, offering a variety of heritage, diamond, and pachi work products. Heritage gold bridal necklaces and earrings are Kameswari Jewellers' flagship products. "Our designs speak for themselves. After going viral on Pinterest with millions of
monthly followers and gaining over 175000 social media followers, we have many happy customers telling us how much they like our designs and that we offer some thing for everyone," says Pavan Perla, Managing Partner of Kameswari Jewellers. In 2021, Kameswari Jewellers was recognized globally with some of India's most prominent jewelers and industry leaders at the Couture India show, hosted in Delhi by Indian jewelers. The brand was also nominated for and won the first runner-up prize for India's most tech savvy jeweller.

Kameswari jewellers is one of the first movers in going online and enabling virtual buying experiences for their customers

Enabling Virtual Buying Experiences
The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the way people buy fine jewelry. There is a significant shift towards technology being integrated widely into the jewelry buying process. Several companies are forced to go digital. Kameswari Jewellers is one of the first movers in going online and enabling virtual buying experiences for their customers. This has given the brand an advantage in building its customer base and trust over the past seven years globally. Its virtual try-on experience and video call shopping feature complements its historical credibility and choice of designs.Customers expect high transparency in price and brand credibility when buying high value products such as gold online. Therefore, Kameswari Jewellers provides certifications and hallmarking of all its jewelry giving customers clear breakdowns of what they are buying. The company offers free shipping to customers in the US and India."To ensure trans parency to our customers, we laser engrave the gross and net weights of the products on the products themselves. The trust built on this brand in the past four generations is also has a significant impact on how much our customers trust us," he adds.

A Shining Future
Kameswari Jewellers houses a talent pool of 40 employees working across three locations, including Visakhapatnam, Srikakulam, and San Diego (California). The company keeps its employees in sync with the current trends and designs by regularly attending trade shows across India. It meets industry leaders every few months and has magazines and resources available in the store for its employees to catch up on the latest news. Establishing global footprints and increasing its product portfolio with strong online and offline retailing integration are some of the wishes in its pipeline.