Jewelegance: An Online Jewellery Brand

Gunjan Soni,Founder"Diamonds are a woman's best friend" The statement cannot be truer in the sense that jewellery holds a special place in every woman's heart and in fact, is the best gifting idea, if she is a special lady. While earlier it was only possible to shop for jewellery by physically going to the store, the internet has made it possible to access the stores online and make the experience hassle free. Jewelegance is one such BIS registered brand where jewellery lovers can have access to a wide range of designs and order fashion and traditional jewellery at their doorstep.

Besides a fashion perspective, jewellery is worn all around the world, depicting the culture too. The designs often depict a certain era or are related to a certain tradition. Jewellery designing has reached different milestones and designers all over the world keep influencing with the latest designs, bringing around the amalgamation of cultures from all corners of the world. While global jewellery is all about fashion and contemporary designs, Indian jewellery is mostly focused on tradition and culture.

E-Commerce Caters To The Global Markets
E-Commerce has brought numerous opportunities for jewellers who want a wider audience for selling their designs. This has effectively been catered by the logistics and realtime online gateways for secure payments, making it more authentic and reliable. Jewelegance is known for its BIS-Hallmark & Certified Jewellery, as well as
customer service and timely deliveries with secure payments on their portal.

The journey of the company started with a social media presence. Jewelegance created a page on Facebook and an account on Instagram through which they showcased their designs. It soon gained popularity in a short span of time and seeing an increase in the demand for the jewellery, the company moved towards a specific website for online shopping. While earlier the jewellery could only be ordered through customer care, the website made it possible for a real time shopping experience for its customers. Then, it integrated payment options on the website and revised its guidelines and policies for payments. The customers can now easily place order by exploring the designs and options on the website and make payments online. The order will be securely shipped to the customer's address within the specified time. Jewelegance is shipping to 20 countries abroad, US, Canada and Australia being the major shipping countries.

The Global industry has made it possible to reach the remotest corners of the world and Jewelegance leverages the best of this opportunity

Jewelegance offers the essence of Indian traditions and culture through its range of jewellery. It also offers contemporary designs but majorly focuses on traditional ones. The range of jewellery present on the website is available in different prices like 14k, 18k and 22k options and budget options. The customers mainly chose Jewelegance for its traditional jewellery designs like antique, pearl and temple jewellery, being the most lovable design options. The artists at the company put their best efforts for providing attractive jewellery designs to their customers.

Customer Centric Model For Best Shopping Experience
The business model at Jewelegance is more customer centric and focuses more on the ease and convenience of the customers. The best part at Jewelegance is that it focuses on women empowerment by keeping the maximum ratio in the team as women. 90 percent of the staff at the company including the marketing, photography and sales department headed and inclusive of women.

Through the ease of logistics, it further aspires to ship to more locations in India from 18,000 pincode sat present. It also plans to invest more on the customer centric model and improve further on serving its customers. It also encourages them for reviews on the internet and has established a good social media presence.