Intuit: Steering Small Businesses towards the Pinnacle of Financial Success

Brad Paterson,Vice President & MD.

Brad Paterson

Vice President & MD.

"Good financial management is intrinsic to the survival of any business and many fail in the first three years, owing to the lack of it," quotes Brad Paterson, Vice President & MD, Asia Pacific, Intuit. But why? Today, we live at a time where technology dominates our lives and businesses, and accounting domain is not an exception in this case. But, amongst these developments, the big questions are why are small businesses failing to extract the significant real value out of the revolutionary technologies? How can they win through this tough phase and rub shoulders with their larger counterparts? As an unbeaten elixir for the aforementioned criticalities, Intuit brought out its QuickBooks to the fore.

With over a million small businesses across 112 countries happily leveraging its benefits, Intuit QuickBooks needs no introduction. The open accounting platform has emanated to be India's leading financial management software within two years of its launch in the country and has been proactive in fueling Intuit's legacy of simplifying the business of life. "We have observed that small businesses require quick, simple and reliable
solutions to help them grow their business," adds Brad. Quick Books provides them all: accounting is done with speed and accuracy, easy to reap in important insights that are relevant and engaging and cash flow is improved by getting paid faster and they can keep more money in their pocket.

Powered by cloud technology, customers can access their key business information anytime, anywhere on the go.

The Magical Wand for Accounting Needs

Endowing small businesses with an access to an organized, accurate, and timely financial information, QuickBooks Online offers integrated, inventive, yet easy-to-use features that empower the users to take data-driven business decisions, even without professional accounting training. Powered by cloud technology, customers can access their key business information anytime, anywhere on the go. This significant attribute also helps accountants quickly juggle between client records and ensure his/her data is up-to-date. Further, the accountants can also hone their compendium through best-in-class training, support and certification programs.

Noting the repercussions of risks like network infrastructure and data security on the conscience of SMBs and accountants that would in turn constrict them to be a part of cloud technology revolution, Intuit offers free trials and product demos with
live data to help them understand the value proposition that QuickBooks brings.

The Driving Force

Employer of Choice, ranked 7th in India's Best Companies to Work for (2015), 3rd in Best Companies in Supporting Women to Remain at Work, 2nd in Flexibility & Work Life Balance category (GPTW survey-2014). To list out, Intuit has seized many such prestigious recognitions that clearly represents its work culture that serves as a wind beneath its employees' wings. "Intuit always begins with our people, the 'True North', where delighted employees deliver the best results for the customers and shareholders," proclaims a proud Brad. Fielding a large team of 900 employees, which constitutes 99 percent of Indian nationals, the company has institutionalized a progressive work culture and an eco-system player which serves a springboard of innovation for both of employees and start-ups alike through various initiatives.

What started as an engineering lab for Intuit's core products in 2005, the Intuit's first venture in Asia Pacific is now a profound entity that conceives, develops and sells products in global emerging markets. Witnessing 2x growth in its product adoption, Intuit India aims to become the ecosystem behind Indian small business success (over 700,000 such small businesses that are typically tech savvy) and help them to grow by creating their own ecosystem. With an initiative 'Small Business India' that would in turn fill flesh to its aim, the company envisions a bright 2020 where one in every four small businesses in India would use its products.