Innofitt: Enhancing Productivity at Workplace through Intelligent Ergonomic Accessories

Sunil Devnani,Director - Marketing

Sunil Devnani

Director - Marketing

In today’s competitive era, use of computers in the workplace is very common and epidemiological studies have shown that musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) are widely prevalent among employees working with computers. The significance of fittings in effortless computer usage cannot be undermined. Moreover, office fittings play an important role in making the workplace comfortable for employees. Provision of ergonomic workstations for employees to enable them to work in proper posture is required to improve their safety, comfort and efficiency. Many research studies have shown effective application of ergonomics in work system design helps to achieve a balance between worker characteristics and task demands. Being aware of the modern office requirement, the essential practicalities and the continued drive for increased productivity and comfort, Innofitt designs, manufactures and trades intelligent and ergonomic office fittings and accessories that enhance productivity and ensure comfortable working conditions. “With the huge problem of body aches & pains prevalent every where caused by working on computers day in & day out, we understand that ergonomic workplace solutions is the need of the hour,” avers Sunil Devnani, Director - Marketing, Innofitt.

At its core, Innofitt has over 36 years of collective experience in designing, manufacturing and supplying products to the workspace industry. With a strong focus on ergonomics, the company’s product range includes Monitor Arm Solutions (Table & Wall Mount Monitor Arms), DeskPorts, Table Stand, KBD Solutions (Keyboard Drawer & Mouse Tray), CPU Solutions (CPU Trolleys & holders), Drawer Solutions and Footrests. In addition to these products, the venture offers a bespoke design service for those who require a tailored solution. Developed after spending time with clients to understand their needs and after meticulous in-house R&D to develop import substitutes, Innofitt’s wide range of products leave no office hardware need unfulfilled. The company’s products mainly cater to 99 percent of white collar employees
(employees working on computers) and optimize space utilization, while giving office a stylish and modern look.

All Innofitt multiple arms monitor stands increase viewing comfort and decrease eye, back & neck strain and also reduce switching between tabs and save time, there by increasing productivity

Innovative Products & Services
What sets Innofitt ahead of the herd is its unique product line including height adjustable Monitor Stands (single,double, trio&quad arms and partition mount), Footrest and Pop-up Boxes that preserve health, improve productivity, promote wellness and maintain comfort in the workplace. The articulating arms monitor stands allow customized adjustment of display with just a touch (providing flexibility to employees to change their posture), instant re-positioning of monitor (Sit-to-stand or swing one monitor between two desks) and free-up space. All Innofitt multiple arms monitor stands increase viewing comfort and decrease eye, back & neck strain and also reduce switching between tabs and save time, thereby increasing productivity. Whether users prefer a vertical or horizontal monitor array, all these monitor stands offer a variety of options for organizing their multi-monitor display. These multiple arms monitor stands complement office layout where people have to watch two or more screens at the same time to carry-out their workflow.

Further more, Innofitt’s ranges of Pop-up boxes are perfect for individual clients’ needs and are easy to install & use. The boxes come with options to fit in HDMI, VGA, AUDIO, and data connections and are ideal for conference tables, meeting room tables, desking tables, linear workstations, lab furniture, hotel rooms, educational furniture and for use in TV studios. Its ergonomically designed Footrests can not only be adjusted (considering various footrest angle) but also support stress free posture and minimize pressure on the back of the thighs. In addition to these products, Innofitt also invented CPU holder (to hold the CPU under the table) around 15 years back, which is still the best selling product of the company. These adjustable CPU holders facilitate clients with easy access to various ports (without bending or lowering down) and help them to keep their office space neat & clean.
This 1981 founded company seeks to combine design philosophy with innovative ergonomics office fittings & accessories, which reflects from its brand name (Inno-Innovative + Fitt - Fittings). As an office fitting specialist, Innofitt has built-up a unique nationwide supply network with its own manufacturing plant in Pune. The company supports the domestic manufacturing firms and draws raw materials (plastics, aluminum, steel and others) from local vendors to develop the eco-friendly office fitting solutions. Sunil says, “95 percent of our components are recyclable at the end of the product life-cycle and there is hardly anything that goes to dump yard”.

Delighting Customers
The company’s commendable technicians are always there to cater customers’ call even in other cities. With frequent training and technology-based upgradation workshops, Innofitt accelerates the efficiency of its team that grows in an open structure and a lean, performance-oriented work culture. To make customers’ life easier and highly focused on work, Innofitt frequently interacts with IT, Admin & Facility Managers, Architects and Project Management Consultants to understand their specific requirements. The company lays special emphasis on CSR activities and supports many NGOs in the field of education, drought hit villages and works towards general rural upliftment.

With an average growth of 20-22 percent, Innofitt constantly strives to further develop its product offerings and expand its reach in order to meet the demanding ergonomic, IT, productivity and supply needs of corporates and furniture companies. Today this leading manufacturer of office fitting & accessories cater to several corporates like Ericsson, Tata Communication, HSBC, Yes Bank, BNP bank and others. The company has a range of innovative products on its drawing board including Ergonomic Height Adjustable Tables, and looks forward to expand its corporate footprint.

Key Management:
Sunil Devnani, Director - Marketing
Realizing the huge gap between the need of the clients and the products largely offered in the largely untapped and unorganized workspace accessories market, Sunil incepted Innofitt to fill this gap.
Offices: Mumbai(Headquarter)& Pune
Offerings: Office Fittings & Accessories