Imarticus Learning: Developing the Leaders of Tomorrow by Delivering Purposeful Learning Experiences

Sonya Hooja, Founder & COO,  Nikhil Barshikar, Founder & CEO

Sonya Hooja, Founder & COO

Nikhil Barshikar, Founder & CEO

The EdTech industry has been growing rapidly in recent years, driven by the increasing demand for online learning and digital skills. Personalized and adaptive learning, gamification, and AI-based learning are some of the emerging trends in the EdTech industry. Additionally, the rise of mobile learning and microlearning is expected to transform the way learners consume educational content. Established in 2012, Imarticus Learning is widely recognized for its unique teaching methodology, job-assured programs, executive programs with top-notch institutions, and corporate learning solutions, which empower students to get job-ready and help organizations prepare their workforce for the future.

The EdTech industry faces several challenges, including staying up to date with emerging technologies, providing relevant and engaging content, and offering personalized learning experiences. Imarticus Learning has addressed these pain points by including immersive live lectures (online and offline), peer to peer discussions, hybrid learning modules, industry focused seminars, capstone projects, guest lectures, soft skills training, and more. Additionally, the company offers customized and off-the-shelf corporate training solutions that meet the specific needs of each organization. “By staying ahead of industry trends and tailoring the solutions to meet the needs of the clients, Imarticus Learning has emerged as a leader in the EdTech industry”, says Sonya Hooja, Founder & COO.

Empowering Businesses with Future Ready Workforce
Imarticus Learning has impacted over 10,00,000 careers within a decade through leading edge curriculums, highly experienced faculty, and over 500 global partnerships with leading institutions and corporations. Imarticus Learning seeks to upskill existing and future employees to fulfill current and upcoming job market demands in various industries. The company’s objective is to provide learners with valuable learning experiences to educate them with industry-specific skills and prepare them to take on multiple job roles in their sector. Imarticus Learning offers various services to individuals, educational institutions, and corporations. For individuals, the company offers courses that prepare learners for successful careers in data science, analytics, finance, banking, marketing, management, and technology. Imarticus Learning is a leading provider of professional training and upskilling programs for corporates. With bespoke campus to corporate training, game-based learning, e-learning, tech-enabled LMS and cloud labs, agile hiring, temping, and sourcing to placement services, Imarticus offers tailored and off the shelf solutions to improve onboarding processes, enhance learning, and help businesses achieve their goals. “With the comprehensive range of services, Imarticus Learning is committed to helping individuals and organizations succeed in the ever-evolving digital economy”, says Sonya.

Nikhil Barshikar, Founder & CEO

Imarticus Learning provides tailored programs to colleges and universities through their B2A business, offering students industry-relevant degrees. The company's focus is on meeting individual student needs and preparing them for successful careers in their desired industries. Imarticus has also launched the Imarticus Edtech Entrepreneur (IEE) initiative, empowering young entrepreneurs in India with growth opportunities in the EdTech sector. Leveraging the firm's network and comprehensive support, IEE fosters innovation and business development in the industry.

Awards & Recognitions
Imarticus Learning has won several awards for innovative solutions, including the Innovative 21st-Century Skills Solution at the ELETS 25th World Education Summit Dubai 2023 and the Best Education Brand in Analytics at the Economic Times 2022. The company has also won awards for the certification courses and fullstack development program at the Franchise India - Indian Education Awards 2022 and the Pride India Awards 2023.