IFI Homes: Putting Safety Security & Intelligence Into the Hands of Customer

 Rohit Khosla,  FounderThe worldwide smart home appliances market was worth $30.81 billion in 2021, and it is predicted to increase at an 8.6 percent compound annual growth rate(CAGR) from 2022 to 2030. Factors such as the increasing penetration of smart homes, rising home remodeling projects, and rapid innovations in IT and wireless communication are driving product demand. To avail the opportunity various companies have started promising to give their best services to the customers. IFI Homes established in 2014 is India’s foremost e-Shopping destination for smart, innovative, automation products meeting the lifestyle, health safety personal security and surveillance needs of people across age groups at home and office.

With its range of Do It Yourself(DIY)offerings Customers gets the highest priority on their safety security, and simplicity to be able to obtain and set up their systems in practically any place. Prior to IFI Homes DIY solution Installers drove most market solutions, therefore pricing was high. Material cost vs. setup or installation cost was unknown. IFI Homes Smart Home offerings brought that cost down by 75 percent or lesser. We have been serving our customers almost all pin codes across the country with online ordering and call-based support in most Indian languages. Our offerings are not just used and consumed until the warranty period but are serviced years beyond (due to our local manufacturing)”, says Rohit Khosla, Founder.

IFI Homes emphasizes Safety and Security as a primary need while providing comfort and environment friendly solutions. They work on an essential need solutions for
customers. In recent years, they launched a series of Smart Distancing technologies to reduce viral transmission through common touch points. IFI Homes was the first to Launch LED bulbs with built-in motion sensors to illuminate dark areas when movement is detected. It was also the first to launch kids calling and tracking watch in India for Kids security and all of this with local manufacturing out of their facility in India.

With its range of do it yourself (diy) offerings customers gets the highest priority on their safety security, and simplicity to be able to obtain and set up their systems in practically any place

Rohit informs that IFI Homes focuses on renewable energy solutions along with ease and comfort of using and installing. Apart from range of DIY (Do It Yourself) solar lights, they recently launched a security cameras and alarm that do not require any wiring, these are solar powered and accept 4G SIM for internet. We also enable bikers and track enthusiast with our solar charger panels. These chargers are ETFE-based solar panels, light in weight in weight and are considered most efficient in the world. We offer a variety of home automation switches, sensors, alarms, camera that are accessible through a single app and has widest range of options for any Home Automation needs and all are DIY (easy to setup and Do It Yourself).

Almost all the products are sensor based products, these sensors make sure systems are used only during defined action/motion and hence are power efficient, speaks Rohit Khosla.

The company is handled by one of the most experienced and skilled members. Rohit Khosla, the company's creator, has over 25 years of expertise building up and running multi region product sales, development, services, and support. He was also a co-Founders of Verismo Networks. The other co-founders of this company are Vivek Nalla and Sheetal Khosla These members have over 20 years of their respective experience giving an edge to the firm with their knowledge and services.

Since its inception, the company has won various awards and accolades. Some of them are Innovative Tech Startup of the Year 2021-2022 by Radio City, Tech Innovation award for the Year 2022 by Global India Business Forum and Best Indoor Security Camera by Electronics for you and many more.

Future Roadmap
The company has been driven by one mission statement `Live Safe Live Smart' and has been working with tech innovators all over the world to provide that to a larger audience all over the world. They are currently acquiring a new customer almost every five minutes and their aim is to enable over 50 percent of Indian homes with their innovative solutions by 2025.