I2-Cure: Revolutionizing Preventive & Curative Healthcare with Innovative Iodine Products

 Anil Kejriwal,  Chief Mentor

Anil Kejriwal

Chief Mentor

Preventive healthcare plays a crucial role in promoting healthier communities, reducing healthcare disparities, and fostering a proactive approach to health and well-being for individuals of all ages. In an era where the importance of preventive healthcare has never been more evident, I2-Cure is leading the way with groundbreaking solutions. Established in 2021 in Gurgaon, I2-Cure is a biotechnology company promoted by leaders in the healthcare, scientific, & business worlds from Singapore and India. It is the first global company to manufacture patented Molecular Iodine (I2)- based products promoting Preventive & Curative healthcare, which deliver free molecular iodine directly into the skin; it diffuses back to the skin, killing microbes and providing a complete protective shield.

"Harnessing the power of molecular iodine,a potent natural antimicrobial, I2-Cure has unlocked a realm of possibilities in treating numerous ailments. Overcoming the challenges associated with iodine's color, toxicity, taste, and odor, the company has developed revolutionary stabilized molecular iodine. This breakthrough allows I2-Cure's products to effectively destroy viruses, bacteria, and fungus enabling the development of a wide range of applications that benefit individuals across various domains", elaborates Anil Kejriwal, Chief Mentor, I2-Cure.

Product Range & Application
Initially conceived as an anti-COVID solution, I2- Cure's product range has expanded far
beyond that. From cosmeceutical products targeting acne and scalp issues to pharmaceutical products like eye baths and eardrops, I2- Cure has introduced 32 innovative products, with more in the making. These offerings extend to veterinary products, such as sprays and ointments, addressing the needs of human and animal health. With treatments for tuberculosis, sinusitis, and other dissonances, I2-Cure's comprehensive product lineup exemplifies its commitment to holistic healthcare solutions.

I2-Cure delivers more than temporary, superficial protection against germs & microbes

"Our solution can sanitize more efficiently than alcohol without causing any irritation to the skin. Studies revealed that India cannot export several products due to excessive bacterial levels in them. However, I2-Cure can enable the reduction of bacterial levels in materials and facilitate export to developed nations by significantly diminishing the microbial load to non-threatening levels. It works on Bacterial, veterinary, skin, and avian flu treatments, as I2-Cure molecular iodine can be sterilized or disinfected using a concentrated molecular iodine solution to prevent any contamination. I2-Cure is 1000 times more potent than any antibacterial, complex chemical agent developed in international labs", Anil proclaimed.

Furthermore, I2-Cure has shown effectiveness against antimicrobial resistance or AMR microorganism. Antimicrobial resistance occurs when bacteria, fungi, and other microorganisms learn to resist the medications meant to kill them. That implies that the germs survive and develop. Thus, treatment for resistant infections can be challenging and perhaps impossible. However, molecular iodine can combat AMR in the coming future.

"Our product, Mouth Mist, is designed to prevent mouth ulcers and establish a barrier to prevent major problems by eliminating the root-causing microorganism. Likewise, the company provides a variety of curative and preventative medicines and products to forestall the occurrence of significant problems", explains Drishti Dadu, CEO.

Conclusively, I2-Cure aims to emerge as a powerful Unicorn company in a couple of years and has a presence in countries like Bangladesh, Russia, Kenya, Singapore, and Latin America. Recently, I2-Cure has been awarded as 'The most upcoming healthcare and preventative brand' by the Singapore business world. Additionally, as a new, fast growing company, I2-Cure has achieved recognition and success in various locations, show casing their commitment to excellence.