Healux: Enjoy Your Favourite Meal Or Snack, The Healthy Way By Switching Over To Healux Method Of Healthy Cooking

David Stanley,Managing Director

David Stanley

Managing Director

With the growth of the Indian economy and increasing per capita in-come, there has been a growing demand amongst many to indulge in a variety of cuisines. Though this growth helped in the economic advancement of the Country, it led to increasing obesity among the general public, which resulted in diseases like Diabetes, Hypertension, Cardiac Problems, etc. Bangalore-based Healux International leveraged this opportunity to launch a Cookware that can help the society to Cook Healthy, Eat Healthy & Live Healthy. Healux helps people in leading a healthy and luxurious lifestyle by offering a wide range of 'Best-in-Class' products in Cook-ware, Pressure Cooker, Kitchenware, Healthcare and Homecare Segments.

Healux Cookware enables the consumer to switch over to Waterless Cooking, which helps in better retention of Vitamins and minerals of the food cooked in Healux Cookware and also Fatless cooking, that helps in reducing fat and calories, without compromising on the taste. "Our Company's brand Healux has gained direct visibility among the Customers through 22,000 Distributors out of which 85% of are women. Healux also has its presence among the best sellers on eCommerce platforms like Amazon and Flipkart etc. for their Kitchenware, Healthcare and Homecare products," says David Stanley, MD at Healux Cookware.

Portfolio Of Product Offerings At Healux Cook-Ware
Healux Cookware is made up of 304 stainless steel, which is normally used in Surgical Instruments and comes with a 30-year guarantee. It comes with a unique temperature displaying Thermo Knob designed and manufactured in Italy. The Pressure Cooker sold by Healux with the brand name Perfecto is the best available
in the Indian market in terms of Technology, Quality, Innovation, Speed of cooking and modern looks. The company's kitchenware on the other hand offers high-quality and innovative Kitchen tools such as Silicone baking Set, Colourful knife Set, Manual Food Processor, Silicone Vacuum Lid, Silicone Idli mould, etc. which are sourced from India and all over the world.

Further, to help consumers complete day-to-day chores efficiently, Healux offers high-quality products such as Floor Wash, Stainless Steel Dish Wash, Fabric Wash, Car & Bike Wash Shampoo, All surface cleaner, Vegetable & Fruit Wash, Toilet Cleaner, etc. The company has also left its footprint in the field of nutritional and ayurvedic supplements. During the pandemic, Healux launched a series of new products in the Homecare and Healthcare segments such as Spirulina, Amla juice, Karela Jamun Juice, Apple Cider Vinegar Juice, Panch Tulsi drops, Raw Turmeric Juice, Giloy & Tulsi Juice and N 95 Masks.

The Company also digitalized the entire sales process by introducing an Order Processing APP through which the distributors and customers can directly place their orders and the same is delivered within 3-5 days through new-age delivery companies.

All the products offered by Healux Cookware target the preparation of healthy, yet tasty food. The company is currently operating in 23 cities across India with 90+ Branch Franchisees. The company hopes to expand its operations to 40+ cities by the end of 2022 and also launch a range of personal care products to cater to the product needs of a Smart Homemaker. Healux, in the future aims to be among the Top 10 trusted Brands in India selling Premium and Innovative Products in the Cookware, Kitchenware, Homecare, Healthcare and Personal care segments. In line with its motto of women empowerment, the company plans to soon open 100+ Branch Franchisees with 85 percent women distributors.

Healux cook-ware helps people to cook healthy, eat healthy and live healthy

"We also hope to operate our Healux Direct Selling Business Internationally through the Indian Diaspora, so that Indians located internationally get the benefit of switching over to Healthy Indian cooking the `Healux way'," concludes David.

Awards For Healux
In 2018 Healux won the "Best new brand, product or service launch award" in the National Awards for Marketing excellence program conducted by Times network.

The company won "The best organization for woman empowerment" at the Great Indian Woman Leadership awards organized by the UBS forums.

Healux has also been awarded as the "Brand of the Year 2021" by The CEO Story Magazine and an article about our Company was published in their Online Magazine.