Gigg's Meat: Carving a Path to Culinary Excellence in the Digital Age Gigg's Meat continuously

Silky Panjhazari,FounderIn a world that has rapidly embraced the convenience of online shopping, even the traditional meat shops have undergone digital transformation. The days of relying on the local market for quality meats are gradually giving way to the era of virtual outlets. Amidst the myriad options, Gigg's Meat stands out with a commitment of bridging the gap between customer satisfaction and the online meat experience.

As a retail brand, it specializes in frozen packaging and direct sales of fresh meat through its website. The entire manufacturing process is meticulously managed in-house across two to three different factories, each catering to specific types of meat. The hallmark of Gigg's lies in its commitment to prime quality, price, and perfectly cut meats.

"Nine years into my entrepreneurial journey, I started Zoram Gourmet to tap into India's unorganized goat meat market. Partnering with farmers nationwide, we streamlined operations by processing slaughtered carcasses at our factory to meet client specifications. The 2020 lockdown prompted a pivot to online retail, leading to the delayed launch of my initial retail brand plans.

Adapting to the changing landscape, I utilized the lockdown to develop an e-commerce platform. Three years later, after successfully launching Gigg's Meat, the platform has a loyal customer base, showing consistent daily sales growth", shared Silky Panjhazari, Founder, Gigg's Meat.
Thoughtfully Curated Products
Gigg's Meat Specializing in raw meats, ready-to-eat (kebabs, nuggets), and cold cuts, the brand provides a diverse range, including goat meat, chicken, and pork, with various marinated options. The frozen raw meats are free from preservatives and undergo freezing at the right temperature without preservatives. Perfect cuts, inspired by renowned chefs, guarantee consistency, appealing to both the retail and HoReCa sectors.

Nevertheless, Quality control at Gigg's is maintained by field inspectors who regularly visit vendors, fostering enduring relationships with suppliers while meticulously monitoring the quality of feed and carcasses. Chicken, sourced directly from slaughterhouses adhering to natural feed practices without steroids, is scrutinized to avoid large-sized birds indicative of growth hormone usage, instead focusing on smaller, tender, and juicy options. Rigorous rejection protocols are in place if carcasses fail to meet size standards. Gigg's cognizant of the critical role played by visual appeal in online sales, employs trained staff and butchers while utilizing dry ice for home deliveries to uphold optimal temperatures.

Gigg's Meat continuously expands to meet evolving consumer demands, highlighting the brand's adaptability and commitment to market needs

Furthermore, Gigg's adheres to essential regulatory standards and possesses all the requisite certificates. The consultant ensures compliance with guidelines, focusing on lighting and hygiene in the manufacturing unit. The factory employs cameras, undergoes regular cleaning, and follows strict hygiene protocols, with regular audits crucial for institutional sales. "Various checks, including for vacuum packers and weighing machines, ensure precision and accuracy. Cold rooms and freezers undergo monthly checks to discard expired items. Monthly pest control and disposal procedures are followed with MCD collaboration for waste disposal. A systematic cycle of checks and updates is maintained, essential for survival in the food industry", noted Silky.

Moving ahead, Gigg's envisions expansion beyond the current success in Delhi NCR, with plans to achieve a pan-India presence. The company has established a presence in Goa and is set to enter the Hyderabad market. The strategic plan for nationwide expansion involves establishing smaller units and generating employment. By partnering with local entrepreneurs and leveraging their space by offering a deep freezer and stock to extend its online presence in various cities. This approach is driven by Gigg's' decision not to seek external funding for retail expansion, recognizing the substantial financial requirements in the retail sector.