Giftingnation: A New Doorway to Wish, Share & Express Emotions

Srinivas Mothey ,Co-FounderYour first marriage anniversary and you want to surprise your spouse with the best cake, bouquet and a gift of lifetime. You hunt the entire city for those perfect stuffs to create that perfect moment, but to vain and came to the compromise mode. But if you are in the similar situation, just wait as Srinivas Mothey and Swetha Mothey have created the place where all your gifting needs can be addressed via online and offline mode. It's called Giftingnation.

It all started when Srinivas surveyed people in the quest of such experiences and saw majority of the affirmative nods. He was stumbled by similar perplexities and chagrin. But instead of whining about the flaws, he founded Giftingnation along with Swetha as a galore of collection which people can gift anyone, anywhere, anytime. Taking a step further, the company even assists confused customers to zero-in on the best ideas through its chat and gift hotline facilities (a free dial-a-gift service and the only gifting hotline in India).

The Secret Sauces

"Giftingnation is a world of gifts that assists people to find something which help them to express. Our model endeavors to give an emotional touch to the physical varieties," explains Srinivas. This three-year young venture has already emanated to be a name to reckon on amongst the breeding online gifting connoisseurs and owns an
envious customer-base of around one lakh. The company is not only source for potpourri of gifts, but also a powerhouse for many small artisans and vendors who stay off the beaten path, by curating them on its platform. Partnering with nearly 150 vendors around India, the company also cross-promote itself with each other.

Giftingnation is a world of gifts that assists people to find some thing which help them to express. Our model endeavors to give an emotional touch to the physical varieties.

Envisioning creating a destination for people to wish, share and express emotions through gifts, the platform provides an access to a wide range of gifts to choose from. Besides the age-old presents like cakes and flowers, people can also enjoy gifting personalized gifts, action figures, toys & games, bobble heads, scaled down models of automobiles, chocolate and such food items, bonsai plants & trees, and many more. "We have also tried to bring lot of gifts articles which are non-electronic and are not available on e-Commerce websites. We stock many of these products and sell it to customers," says Srinivas.

Fathoming the repercussions of the last-minute gift planning, the company is currently in the phase of bringing last-minute quick gifts to the fore and is rearing up to launch a mobile app, which aims to assist people gift instantly within 60 seconds. However, according to Srinivas, these last-minute plans often puts them at stake, as it is fraught with the complications of logistics which might obstruct them to deliver on a particular day at a particular time. Thus, the company has tied up with larger courier companies like BlueDart and FedEx
and local transportation systems like Roadrunner, which help them to shift the products faster to the location.

The Success Factors

Giftingnation believes that happy employees make happy customers. With 10 efficient minds onboard, the organization handpicks enthusiastic students from colleges, who are later trained on corporate and soft skills where each of them are encouraged to take customer calls, which in turn devises them to exterminate their fear of gelling well with the customers. "To balance it out, we mix these fresh thoughts with little more experienced minds, thus leveraging a superlative service to our customers," asserts Srinivas. Here, the timings allow its crew to start and call it a day early, while the creative and colorful atmosphere infused within the organization pumps up employees' gusto. The employees are also enabled to taste the flavors of various roles through cross-training programs and upgrading programs.

Mapping the Future

The rising glory has also reaped-in many awards and recognitions to the company and the men behind the excellence alike. Srinivas has been crowned with Best Retail Professional Award from Chief Marketing Council (2014), whereas his brainchild has been shone as one of the fastest growing gifting brands in CNBC Awaaz and is one of the few start-ups to represent the fraternity in the Rise Conference 2015 in Hong Kong. Witnessing a massive 200 percent of growth rate year-on-year, Gifting nation looks forward to expanding its service portfolio to embrace new segments like wedding. Fueling its legacy of making people happy, the company is presently focusing on begetting its avatars; few of which (like HobbyToys & Treatr) are already in the phase of transforming the sub-genres of industry.