Gallery Vision: Crafting Unique Entertainment Experiences, One Note at a Time

Sharaf Gallery  ,  Founder & CMD

Sharaf Gallery

Founder & CMD

The media and entertainment industry is constantly evolving, with brands leading the way in innovation and adaptation. In recent years, the Indian music recording and record label industry has undergone a transformative journey. Gallery Vision, a major player in this industry, used to rely on physical marketing through CDs and cassettes in a market dominated by brick-and-mortar stores. However, in 2018, digital transmission and distribution led by streaming platforms like Spotify and Amazon Music started to take over. The COVID-19 pandemic further accelerated this shift, highlighting the crucial role of digital platforms. Today, the digital landscape provides a global stage for both established and emerging talents, contributing to India's growing prominence in the global music and entertainment scene.

Gallery Vision started by focusing on CD ROMs and cassettes in the local language, namely Malayalam, and managed to carve a niche for itself as a small, regional music company. The turning point for the company came around 2006 when it gained local popularity by producing successful albums in the regional language. In 2010, Gallery Vision transitioned to Youtube and expanded its reach by creating compelling content that grabbed the attention of viewers on the streaming platform.

It took on a distribution role, became a Content Management System (CMS), and
was recognized as a multi-channel network on Youtube. Later, the company went through a significant transformation, relocating its headquarters to Dubai and operating as Gallery Vision Music. Today, Gallery Vision spans nearly 150 countries, collaborating with over 10,000 artists across various genres and languages, including Russian, French, Spanish, Arabic, Turkish, and various African dialects.

Sharaf Gallery, the Founder of Gallery Vision, proudly says, “Our commitment to offering a free distribution service to both independent artists and record labels, completely devoid of any upfront costs. They understand that independent artists face difficulties in uploading their work and therefore provide a user-friendly platform that ensures transparency and royalties to artists. The company is committed to providing excellent customer and partner support, which has earned them a reputation for reliability and artist satisfaction. Additionally, they only take a marginal revenue share to ensure that artists benefit from their hard work and enjoy comprehensive support and promotion provided by Gallery Vision".

Over the years, Gallery Vision expanded its reach, creating compelling content that garnered attention on the streaming platform

Gallery Vision is on a visionary journey with the dream of making a significant impact in the rapidly growing digital world. The company recognizes the importance of staying abreast of digital advancements and has fortified itself with a robust technical team. The Gallery Vision team has crafted an intuitive dashboard, which allows every artist to effortlessly upload their work. Gallery Vision is committed to being at the forefront of new-generation technologies and continuously updates its services to align with the evolving digital landscape. Initially rooted in music, Gallery Vision now aims to diversify its offerings by venturing into the OTT platform arena, with a particular focus on independent movies.

“We aim to expand our music services and venture into Acquisition Services for various OTT platforms, positioning ourselves as a key player in the broader entertainment sector", states Sharaf Gallery, Founder and CMD of Gallery Vision. The company aspires to discover and support talent across different genres and countries, providing assistance to artists who may lack the technical knowledge of the industry. Gallery Vision has plans to establish different companies and standards within the music sector, to foster innovation and growth in the realm of independent content creation and distribution.