Fiona Diamond Jewellery: Curating Exquisite Jewellery Pieces with Most Remarkable Finish

  Parag Agarwal,   Co-Founder & CEO

Parag Agarwal

Co-Founder & CEO

India is rated among the fastest growing diamond markets in the world, pertaining to highly skilled labor, advanced technology, and cheaper operating expenses. India is home to the largest diamond cutting and polishing facility in the world, which produces more than 90 percent of the world’s polished diamonds. Today, the Indian diamond industry is a pioneer in the overall gem industry and a world leader in the manufacturing of refined diamonds. Fiona Diamond Jewellery is the pioneer brand in India to have rightly accomplished the status of The one stop destination for diamond jewellery. It is the first & only brand in India to sell Natural Diamonds, Lab-Diamonds & Moissanites all under one roof.

Fiona is on a mission to deliver the best jewellery in terms of design, finish, and experience that surpasses all customer expectations. The fine selections also compliments the price range offered by the brand. “As they say, ‘Diamonds are a woman’s best friend’, and the sparkle of the jewellery clearly emits through the smile on her face as she admires them. We have exquisite collections for all the contemporary needs of the modern woman. The pieces are sophisticated and created with brilliance that gives the desired value, variety, and looks. To achieve this, we adapt to the latest trends in the luxury world and curate the most memorable pieces which shall give you a
look of a much higher perceived value. We believe that luxury should not come at the cost of the environment so when you choose to wear a jewellery piece, you make a statement that’s larger than a style statement”, says Parag Agarwal, CoFounder and CEO.

Offering Best Natural, Lab grown& Moissanite Diamonds
Fiona, being the one-stop destination for natural diamonds and diamond alternatives, primarily wants to create awareness about the diamond alternative type and encourage more gravitation towards it. Lab-grown diamonds and Moissanites are the most popular of all. Lab-grown diamonds can be quite a misnomer for a diamond alternative as they are real diamonds and have similar properties to mined diamonds. With the help of advanced technologies and processes, one can’t tell them apart from the mined ones. The color, cut, clarity, shape, and flawlessness are as similar. The difference is in the prices where the cost goes multiple for mined ones the lab-grown diamonds can come easy on the pocket. Similarly, Moissanites are a major attraction among shoppers due to their unique faceting pattern. They display a fiery pattern that emits a rainbow sparkle and stand a class apart for this feature.

We shall be your jewellery wardrobe all your life since we promise to give you Lifetime Exchange on all your jewellery & thus, keeping your investments safe

The covid has had a visual change in the lifestyle industry, where people have been spending more on luxurious goods. This is due to the increase in income levels that has encouraged more spending. Pertaining to diamond lovers, the demand patterns have a confirmed rise and seem to rise more in the coming years. Particularly with the rising awareness of diamond alternatives, the industry is all set to cater to the rising demands. Fiona excels in the segment with all kinds of diamonds under one roof.

Golden Harvest Scheme For ROI
Fiona has gained definite popularity through its website and social media handles around the globe, leveraging more sales. Fiona has also come up with a ‘Golden Harvest’ scheme for better ROI, where the investors can pay 11 EMIs for the year and the last one would be covered by the company. Down the long road, it wishes to have a store in every state where it could cater to the physical shopping experience for diamond lovers. The company further plans to partner and grow.