Fastrack: The Style that's Both Formidable & Trendy

Fast forward the past years, things have changed dramatically today, but one of the most talked about and always trending accessory is watch. Watches serve as the most eye-catching accessory that enhances one’s overall look, providing a sense of individuality. Opt for a classic design or a contemporary design, the right timepiece signifies and elevates the style, adding a touch of sophistication to any outfit. Well, many people go quite berserk about watches with the augmenting of fashion & style today, and Indian watch landscape building an impression of great luxury watch landscape has a lot more to offer. Fastrack is one of the names that come to the minds of many having acquired the ‘urban youth brand’ title since 2005.

The Brand's Fundamental
Introduced in 1998 by Tata Group(Subpart of Titan watches), Fastrack has carved a niche for itself in the market with a range of exclusive watches and sunglasses that are both fashionable and affordable. The brand further entailed a long list of bags, belts and wallets extending its footprint further into accessories in 2009. Thriving across PAN-India with 158 exclusive Fastrack stores in 79+ cities, followed by authorized multi brand outlets and online, it is one of the most successfully record setting brand today presenting a cheeky anti authoritarian kind of style watches, but far beyond the traditional. Precisely, it manufactures watches that are ‘Effortlessly Cool’, trying out the unbeaten approach and reinventing constantly. The brand is just ‘unpredictable’, and always has a stratagem up its sleeve to maintain its ideal concept of ‘eternally young’.

This sporty and coed brand, realizes that that it is all about range for consumers and delivers just that in almost unrealistically quick cycles. The brand constantly observes its target audiences (generation between adolescence and adults) and delivers something just so right that really creates traction amongst the mob, formalizing the ‘modern and trendy’ score. Its designs are trendy, eye catching, some times over the top,
but always appealing to the ‘hip and happening’ population. Beginning with a bang, earlier where its tagline was,'Move On',it has transcended ahead to promote itself announcing a new brand proposition ‘You Do You’ celebrating the ever-evolving youth’s body positivity and self-expression.

Wooing the youth exemplarily bringing to them the watches designed with utmost care to complement the active lifestyle of the youngsters, it has grown magnanimously over the years now. Adopting the technology culture, to alleviate the uncertainty of purchasing the uniquely designed watches, the brand also provides virtual tryon feature for customers on its online platform through the implementation of AI. Customers can allow the brand access to their smart device’s camera feature, and the AI technology superimposes the selected watch onto the individual’s image, allowing customers to visualize how the final product will look. This not only boosts customer’s confidence but also reduces the risk of returns, leading to higher customer satisfaction.
Ajay Maurya, Head - Marketing & Product
Recently, the brand has boosted its potentiality unleashing a modern take on classic watches launching a collection featuring a range of watches that display the craft and precision of an automatic movement combined with Fastrack’s distinctive fashion style. Each watch in the range is powered by a high quality proprietary Titan automatic movement that is self-winding, and will keep clocking as one goes about their daily routine. These watches don’t just keep one ticking, they’ll be embellishing one with a trendsetting power through their colorful plating.

Future Roadmap
The company has always tried to keep up with the innovation and changes and never takes a step back to experiment with new technology and design, and the plan doesn’t change in the future too. Coming up as a voice for all, letting youths to come out of their closet of comfort and speak up, metaphorically, it is going to grow as an all inclusive brand. There is much more vibrancy to look forward from the brand.