EX1 Cosmetics: The Secret behind Hollywood's Red-Carpet Skin

Farah Naz,  Founder & CEO

Farah Naz, Founder & CEO

Post the ostentatious conclusion of BRIT Awards in 2016, British daily broadsheet ‘The Telegraph’ flashed headlines stating, “Adele collects four BRIT awards wearing a £12.50 foundation”. This accentuated attention to the celebrity’s maquillage marking a significant oomph to the brand that graced her face – 2013 established EX1 Cosmetics that emerged under the headship of Farah Naz (Founder & CEO), a biochemist turned cosmetic connoisseur. Recognized today by NBC’s ‘Today Show’ as one among the world’s top-5 brands, this VC backed establishment has amplified the faces of world-famous beauties like Priyanka Chopra and Cardi B and stands nominated for Best New Brand(2018) by British Vogue and several other recognitions for its fluent market-gap filling product range.

Emerging from a well-researched
"Constantly witnessing transformation in the world of cosmetics, EX1 has reached Hollywood’s red-carpet, thereby thrusting further for innovations and finished-looks"

backdrop, based on her personal struggle to find the 'perfect foundation', Farah utilized the highest-quality raw materials from leading beauty labs and developed a range of ingenious complexion-based products. With her bio-chemistry prowess, she launched parabens-free and skin-sensitive powders, blushers, concealers and flawless foundations to match every skin-type/color, assuring a smooth and perfect looking-finish. What started-off as a small venture turned to become one of the most preferred cosmetic ranges among Hollywood’s biggest names and celebrity makeup artists. Assuring every user attuned to her own struggle, Farah states, “I struggled to find my perfect foundation match and realized I was not alone, prompting me to reevaluate the science of foundation pigments. I decided to move away from the typical oranges and pinks, instead creating a unique blend of yellow/gold tones designed to be the most skin like pigments in the market”.

The Red-Carpet Ready Assurance
Constantly witnessing transformation in the world of cosmetics, EX1 has reached
Hollywood’s red-carpet, thereby thrusting further for innovations and finished-looks. This demand perpetuated the need for creating a pioneering range of foundations and other cosmetics that impeccably matched women with olive and golden undertones. Promising a finish that looks like skin, EX1’s success is rooting on international platforms, already becoming a sell-out sensation in the Middle East, additionally anticipating a launch with a top-retailer in the U.S.

With several nominations aligned to the zenith of its success, EX1 stays elected for ‘Best Under-Eye Concealer’ by Glamour Beauty Awards (UK), ‘Best New Face Product’ by OK! Magazine Awards, and ‘Best New Makeup Base Product’ by Pure Beauty Global awards (2018 & 2019). Despite the escalating accomplishment, Farah states, “The most rewarding success, without doubt, are the everyday fans who send us emails to let us know how thrilled they are that a brand is finally catering to their needs”. Promising to spark the enchantment, she further avers, “I think I’m addicted to innovation, so expect more products to follow. I love working on creating things that world has never seen before, and I know I’ve nailed a formulation where the final product literally makes my heart skip a beat”.