Equator Appliances : Innovative, Practical, Top-Quality Appliances that save Time, Space and Energy

Atul Vir,President

Atul Vir


“The goal of Equator is to manufacture high-tech appliances that ease labor, time, space, and energy in doing household chores, thereby improving the quality of life,” Atul Vir, President at Equator Advanced Appliances. Established in 1991, Equator Appliances is a company that manufactures products which helps reduce pollutants that contaminate water resources. Its core product-Combo Washer-Dryer has a vast potential in the Indian market since it is the only combo in the world with optional vented and ventless drying. The All-in-one Combo Washer-Dryer is a washer and dryer in one unit and it can bring about a change in the lives of people who have only been washing clothes and have to spend time, space and effort in drying them.

As the first company to introduce the combo washer-dryer to the U.S. market, Equator believes in the principles of American innovation, ethics and excellence. A customer-centric organization aiming to provide innovative, practical, top-quality appliances to our customers, Equator offers excellent customer service and technical support which sets them apart from others. With strong ethics, the company has always chosen its vendors, suppliers, dealers based on moral principles of honesty and integrity and sustainability and not on cost and reliability. Equator products save energy, water, and detergent; responsibly managing the earth's resources and limits excess waste and reduces pollutants.
Equator Appliances entered the Indian market in the year 2019, just before the global pandemic. The company introduced its core product- the Combo Washer-Dryer on all the top platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, Croma, Snapdeal and PaytmMall and is available for delivery all over India. The machine comes with features such as sanitize, allergy and bed bug cycle, self-clean cycle, a surge protector, to name a few. “There is also the Saree cycle in our Combo that helps to wash delicate fabrics like silk or chiffon without losing their color or texture,” adds Atul.

As a US based company, Equator Appliances follow US practices for Safety, Energy Efficiency, Consumer Protection and the Underwriter Labs (UL) standards. Its products are also in accordance with the consumer protection standards like California (which directs the most eco-friendly laws in the USA) Prop 65, which does not allow any chrome to be used in machines because it has been found to cause birth defects in babies. In addition, the company makes sure to follow legislation and regulation – cognizance of law and compliances, track the regulatory changes, maintain SOPs and policies, maintain data centralization, and so on. The company has 18 patented products in the market worldwide.

The goal of Equator is to manufacture high-tech appliances that ease labor, time, space, and energy in doing household chores, thereby improving the quality of life

Appreciating the product, Jyoti R, a customer of Equator Appliances said, “I liked this machine for its drying. After Wash + Dry cycles, clothes were completely dry, and I was able to fold and keep them directly in the cupboard. This is what I was looking for. I also appreciate timely delivery, installation within 24 hours, follow-up calls from the customer care team. This machine is definitely worth spending money!” Currently, the company is working to launch an induction cooktop which, according to Atul, will be a game changer. The product is built with the latest technologies and uses clean energy hence there are no harmful emissions. It also reduces the hassle of delivery of gas cylinders and does not cause pollution, thereby reducing the carbon footprint. It also features Automatic turn off which prevents overheating. With all these amazing features and more to be announced during launch, this unit has a sleek and modern design to enhance the look of your kitchen.

Equator is today a leading appliance company with global footprints in the United States, India, Canada, Europe and China.