e–Ashwa: The Leading Player in Indian EV Market

Vikas Gupta, Founder, CEO and CFO

Vikas Gupta

Founder, CEO and CFO

Numerous technologies have been created to get out of this bind of crude oil, fossil fuels, and natural gas depletion. Electric mobility is considered the best insurgency for the automobile sector. Electric Vehicles are 100% eco-friendly, as they don’t radiate harmful gases or smoke in the climate that leads to global warming and helps in reducing pollution. The Indian government is also implementing various strategies for the use of electric mobility to reduce the use of petroleum products used in transportation. With Govt. creating awareness among individuals about utilizing electric vehicles rather than fuel vehicles, e-Ashwa is stepping up as one of the top three EV players in the country, and their USP is decentralized manufacturing, which has helped them grow in no time.

“With the adaption of a new strategy of setting up decentralised small Assembly lines every 200 Kms all over the country, e-Ashwa’s growth journey has gained the strong wings to take the leap to reach at the top three players in the EV Segment. By the end of FY 2022-23 e-Ashwa targets to be part of top three EV players in the country and aims to have numbers provisioned to be a strong contender of Numero Uno”, briefs

Vikas Gupta – Founder, CEO and CFO of e-Ashwa.

Thriving on R&D and Innovation
A significant player like e-Ashwa cannot overlook the importance of research and development in retaining market supremacy. e-Ashwa is one of the few firms in the EV industry that incorporates innovations and inhouse R&D into its products. Innovation is the backbone of any company that wants to establish or sustain its market presence, it is no longer limited to product development it now encompasses the entire offering, and e-Ashwa has capitalised on this trend since its inception.

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“Importance of R&D in the continuous growth and maintaining the dominance in the market cannot be ignored by a serious player like e-Ashwa. We are among those very few companies in the EV segment which has a full-fledged R&D center of its own. Innovation is the backbone of any organization that either wishes to mark its presence in the market or wants to maintain its presence. e-Ashwa understands it to the fullest and has been following this principle at every stage and level”, says Vikas Gupta – Founder, CEO and CFO of e-Ashwa.

e-Ashwa is developing a highspeed vertical with a similar range as the low-speed vertical, and this journey of high-speed vehicles will begin in June 2022. The ambition of e-Ashwa is to become a world class, technology driven manufacturer of highly customised e-vehicles at a competitive price. e-Ashwa aim to achieve technological leadership in the electric two-wheeler and three wheeler vehicle manufacturing business through quality, partnerships, and inhouse R&D, while also serving a larger population at a reasonable cost. e-Ashwa has had a fantastic journey in every way, and it is likely to be the only EV company that has experienced 16 times growth in all parameters year after year for the last three years. The automobile sector in India is transitioning from ICE to EV, and e-Ashwa considers it self fortunate to have contributed to this transformation as a well known player and wishes to continue on this journey.